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You have basically four options to get that smooth and close shave you are after. You have the good old fashion straight razor, cheap disposable razors, safety razors and electric shavers. We will take a very close look at each type of shaver below and how to use them.

Manual Shaving The Old Fashion Way

Cheap disposable razorsI used the term old fashion but it is really not. This is a very popular and preferred way of shaving. You obviously have the cheap disposable razors you can buy locally. You can get the super cheap single disposable blades or get something like the Gillette Razors that have up to 5 blades. What I have found is that I end up buying a new razor each time because the replacement blades are so dang expensive.

Safety Razor Shaving

Your next choice is cheaper over the long run and that is shaving with a safety razor. There are single blade and double edge safety razors that come in various styles. Some have a short handle, longer handle, barber style pole and some are very thick for men with larger hands.

safety razors reviewsQuick Tip:

Oh Yeah You will see DE use a lot amongst the safety razor users. It stands for double edge, so when you are talking about ordering some new blades use something like DE razor blades so you don't sound like a newbie. 🙂

Price wise they run anywhere from $19.00 up to $300 dollars. You can really go nuts here if you like and have the money. The good news is that the replacement blades are cheap and last anywhere up to 5-10 shaves depending on the brand and your beard growth.

We have a wealth of article reviews on our site. You can read our Best Safety Razor Review Here to get start with. We will also have individual model reviews as well like the Merkur Safety Razor Review Article.

Straight Razor Shaving

Example of A straight razorThe major players that make the actually safety razor are Merkur, Parker, Feather and Edwin Jagger.  They all have their unique twist on how they make their blades and how they make their brand of the razor. I honestly think you will need to try a few of them before you figure out what you will really like personally.

Next up is shaving with a straight razor.  Yes, it is what you just pictured in your head of a guy in a barber shop shaving. 🙂  This is sort of a fun thing when you look into it because you will need a good shaving brush, shaving bowl and good shaving cream to pull it off.  It does take time to learn the right technique so easy goes as you start out here.  Once you get it down though you won't find a closer shave that this technique.

Price wise you will see them starting in the mid 20 dollar range and can go all the way up to $200.

Read my straight razor reviews for more information about buying them.

Shaving Kit Options

Affordable Shaving KitsLast but not least, if you go with the safety razor or straight razor shaving style you should consider getting a good shaving kit.

So basically the kit itself will come with a Shaving Stand, bowl or cup, shaving brush and shaving cream soap or lotion.  This might turn some people off because of all the extra accessories you have to buy to shave this way but honestly, if you really plan out your morning it's a great way to pamper yourself and start out your day.

You can really find an affordable shaving kit for around $30 dollars to $60 dollars.  Some come with the actual razor where as others do not so the price will definitely vary.

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What are the different Types of Electric Shavers?

There are two main styles of electric shavers which are foil shavers and rotary shavers. In each style you will have a dry shaver style and a wet shaver style.

Rotary Shaver

Rotary Shaver ReviewsLet's start out with your standard Rotary shaver. This type of shaver has three round blades that goes in a circular motion. On top of the blades have a small screen with holes in it that trap the hair and make the cut.  In order to get the close shave you make a circular motion on your face while you are shaving. This does make it easier to get around the chin and neck.

Generally speaking these are cheaper than foil shavers. You are looking at a price range of $40 to $300 dollars.  The lower end models have a fixed head where it does not flex. The higher end models have a head that move and bend as you shave.  In both styles the blades flex in while they follow the contour of the face.

The rotary shavers are more favored to those folks that have strong think hair or tend not to want to shaver everyday.

Foil shavers

Top Rated Foil ShaversFoil shaver heads are more rectangle in shape and have a metal strip with holes in it which is more sensitive on the skin. The blades are underneath and use quick vibrations moving left to right that cause the hair to stand up to get caught in the holes and get cut it. With a foil shaver you are moving the razor up and down vs going in a circular motion like the rotary shaver.

You Are also able to get a more precision cut on your sideburns with a foil shaver and is more favored for someone who would like to shave on a daily basis.

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