Art Of Shaving Safety Razor Review

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Art Of Shaving Safety Razor

Am I right that you are figuring out the best shaving safety razor for your use?

Do most people try to figure out what the difference is? You can shave with the disposable, too, right? Everyone likes simple but what people like more is getting more and more without any need to pay.


  • Brand's Name: The Art of Shaving
  • Color: Silver
  • Item's Dimensions: 2.09 x 1.22 x 4.7 inches
  • Weight: 0.19 Pounds
  • Number Of Blades: 1

Safety razors are the ones that have the capacity to give you the service of a lifetime. We have heard many good reviews about the use of safety razor shaving. The most important thing is that you should know that it is best for wet shaving. It gives a better shave than the regular ones. They are not disposable, which means no more plastic waste and hence no more environmental pollution hazards.

They are traditional in looks and use, and men tend to like shaving more with the safety razors. People love shaving with safety razors. After seeing the results, it makes them leave in awe. All of this is almost the same pricing. This is pretty much a good deal to consider.

One of these safety razors, the art of shaving, has put forward another great product for us. Now, we will talk about the art of shaving safety razor review.

Art Of Shaving Safety Razor Features

Sleek Design

What attracts at first sight? That’s right, the one thing that catches our eye. This safety razor has almost the exact look that will make every man stop and have a brief look at it. It is composed of silver, and the shiny color gives it an attractive look. The manufacturers are quite precise about giving their customers the best of their service. They are not at all compromising on giving the sleekness of the product. It is of perfect size and fits in hand very well of most of us. It will look really elegant in your wardrobe or in your washroom closet.


If you have used a safety razor before, you must be aware that the use should be really precise and careful because the cut is so deep that the recklessness can cause some serious damage or casualties. Most people get a cut by slipping the razor from their hands. What is the solution? Yes, the grip should be engraved, and they have just the right grip. This safety razor is really a safety razor as it keeps us safe from getting harsh cuts. The handle makes it easier to get a clean shave and do it smoothly till the end.

Rust Resistant

Another reason to dispose of the regular razors is that when we shave, the razors stay wet most of the time in use. It causes them to be more prone to rusting within a short period of time.

The reason is the metal they use in making the blades are open to rusting, and they catch rusting very easily in not much time. But in this one, they are not using any ordinary metal like iron. They have five different blades of silver, which will not register any problem to you. They are built for long time use, and the reason is clear to you now.

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Environment Friendly

Another good feature is that they will not tease you after a little while to get a new one. They have the purpose of serving you for the longest possible time. How is it friendly to the environment? The disposable razors use plastic in their body construction. Plastic has already caused so much trouble to our environment as it never diminishes. It usually gets dumped in the oceans, but we need to stop this cycle. This is one of the strongest reasons to buy this instead of disposable shaving razors.

Easy to Use

How can they serve us for a long time if their blade runs out? That is a valid point of yours. They have thought about it too, and they are providing five spear blades in the box. The refilling of the blades is also an easy task. This one is using the twist open technique. When you do it, the plate lifts upward, and there will be enough room for you to replace the old blade with the new one. Their main point is to give people feasible shaving.

  • Easy in maintenance. 
  • Engraved handle for accurate cutting.
  • Great performance.
  • Five blades with easy changing of blades.
  • Resistant to rusting.
  • Like most safety razors, it is quite delicate in use. You drop it on the floor, and the head will come off. The good part is the customer service is good and really cooperative.

What do we call this one? How can we search for it?

It has the name R89 Grande Safety Razor. You can easily find about it on their official website as well.

Is the whole body constructed from steel?

Although the whole is not composed of stainless steel, the blades are of steel to give you rust resisting long-life shaving.

Is it an open combed or closed combed?

It is a closed comb razor to give you less aggressiveness in shaving or especially trimming your beard. It also gives better control as well.

What about the rusting of the body?

Do not worry about the long-term use. The chrome plating keeps the rusting away and makes it feasible for your use.


There is no doubt that safety razors tend to give a better and clean cutting. The art of shaving safety razor review will help you to decide whether it is best for you or not. It can fulfill the job very well. The art of shaving brand is also very famous for its best service. We have personally heard many great reviews after the use from men about this product. One thing you should look out that it is not that sturdy, so do not use it roughly, and it will be enough to meet your other needs.