Astra Platinum Double Edge Blade Reviews

Astra Razor Blade Review

Astra platinum razor blades are a great option to use with your double edge safety razor. They are durable, sharp and long lasting blade. They are my goto blade in my rotation. I also use these and my feather blades in any of my safety razors without any issues.

  • Platinum Coated
  • A barbershop favorite
  • Sharp but not too sharp
  • 20 Tucks of 5 Blades
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They are the ones that last a long time too so my rotation last 5-10 days with them.

They do have a bit of history. They were originally made in the Czech Republic  for 20 years and were bought by Gillette in 1996 who moved the production to Russia.

The company was was called Czech Astra Company so that is where the name came from. Then in 2005 Proctor&Gamble merged with Gillette and kept the Astra razor blades as their double edge razor blade product. With that said, you know the brand is backed by Gillette and they are made with quality.

So, let's get into our review of the double edge razor blades so you can understand what they can do for you, how much they cost and what customers think of the Astra blades.

Astra Platinum Razor Blade Review 2023

These de blades are extremely affordable selling in a 5 pack and up to 100 blades at a time. They are made out of steel coated with platinum, individually wrapped.

I have personally tried these without out any issues. I am a long time user of feather blades and I would say that they are just as sharp as them.

I think this can be a good thing to be honest.  With my feather blades I need to pay attention to what I'm doing when I'm shaving with an aggressive safety razor. When I grab one of those I actually put the Astra blades in because I know they are just a little step down from the feathers and they are just right. They will work perfectly with an aggressive razor or a beginner razor without even think about it. So for that matter they are the perfect blade to start out with or always fall back on.

These are great for beginners or experienced shavers depending on your goals. It really depends on your goals here and what equipment you have. If you have a more basic safety razor like the Merkur classic combined with the Astra blades it would make a great beginner combination.  Now, for me I like to rotate these in so that I can shave a bit faster with my aggressive razors when I'm in a hurry.

I did find that these last 5-10 shaves before I felt like I wanted to change them.  My feather blades last 10-15 shaves before changing them.  I don't have an overly think beard and my hair is not really coarse so all that makes a difference. So please take into account how think your facial hair is to give you and idea how long they might last. Each person will vary based on their own personal preference.


What Are Customers Saying

First let's just start out by saying there are over 2200 people who left comments about these blades. They are extremely popular! When you read through the reviews you will find the majority of the people happy with them and they provide a close shave.

You also find that they are commenting about what I said above.  How long they stay  sharp will really depend on your facial hair texture. Some people were saying every 2-3 days as they are beginner blades and others lasted more than a week.  To be completely honest these blades are so affordable I would just buy a 5 pack to start out and see for yourself on how long they last.

Options to Buy Astra DE Blades

You have the option to buy these blades in a 5 pack and 100 pack. The 100 pack actually has 20 total packages that have 5 individual blades wrapped in each pack.  You will not break the pocket book with either purchase. I spend more on a 12 pack a beer than I do a 100 pack of double edge razor blades. 🙂   One thing you might want to do is to look at grabbing one of the various sample packs with the Astra blades in it. It's a great way to try a bunch of blades at once before committing to buying them in bulk.


Overall you can't really go wrong with these. Get the package that works out for you.

I like to get a variety pack to start out with and literally shave with one blade for 5 days and then rotate to the other one for 5 days to see the real difference. Remember the benefit of going with manual shaving is how long these blades last at such a low price. You just save money hands down use them over disposable razors.