Beard Bib Review by Beard King

Beard Bib Review by Beard King

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There are so few products on the market nowadays that surprise me, and I’m not talking about the-latest-innovative-technology kind of surprise.

Beard King’s beard bib is surprising in a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that kind of way.

  • Highly convenient beard trimming catcher
  • User-friendly
  • Has a self-packing pouch
  • Travel Friendly
  • Saves a mess in the sink and clogging it!
  • Originally Seen on Shark Tank!

Beard Hair Catcher By Beard King

Tired of hair clipping all over the bathroom? Well here is a solution for you, A Hair Clippings Catcher.

Guys (and their ladies) have been raving about this beard bib by Beard King, that was originally seen on Shark Tank, for some time now, and initially, I didn’t really expect it to live up to even 50% percent of the hype—but it does.

Oh fellow bearded friends, does it?

Indeed, Beard King has truly done a massive service for us hairy-faced beasts with this beard apron.

Beard bibs - What’s the Idea Here?

taking off the beard bibThe idea behind this shaving bib is brilliantly simple and was originally stared on Shark Tank.

When you are using your beard trimmer to shave, the aftermath is often one heck of a hairy mess with hair clippings everywhere.

The sink gets covered with your discarded facial hair trimmings, the toilet drain gets clogged up, and even the toilet seat is not spared from bits of hair clippings.

Cleanup is, of course, a huge chore.

So how do you keep your manly facial hair looking trim and pleasant without having to deal with the aftermath of a hairy calamity in your bathroom? Hair clippings catcher?

Well, that’s what this beard shaving bib is for.

This bear cape neck straps comfortably wrapped around your neck and the end of the bib well secured to the bathroom mirror via suction cups, you can clip your bushy large beard all while keeping the mess to an absolute minimum (few stray hair bits may fall off the right or left of the bib), or even no mess at all (according to many users). This hair clippings catcher allows for easy disposal.

Shaving Beard Bib Ease of Use

The first word that comes to mind in the first few seconds of using it is EASY.

But it should be noted that a number of users have grumbled about the difficulty they faced when attempting to stick the beard bib’s suction cups to their bathroom mirrors.

Some even claimed that the suction cups were unable to stick at all.

It sounded like they received lemons though, because I as well as numerous other users haven’t had any issues with the suction cups.

beard bib uses

How to Use the Beard Trimming Bib

1) The one size fits all Beard King bib comes in a nifty self-packing pouch which allows you to easily unzip and unpack it.

2) Wear the shaving beard bib neck straps around your neck.

3) Grab the suction cup located at the end of each side of the beard cape and stick them both to your bathroom mirror.

4) Now you can begin your shaving or trimming ritual without worrying about causing a mess with falling hair clippings will be contained by the beard cape.

5) Once you’ve done grooming, take off the suction cups, hold the two ends of the beard bib, and point them downward and let those caught hair clippings slide down into your bathroom’s trash can.

6) Fold the shaving bib and store it back in its self-packing pouch.

Yes, what a delightfully easy to use beard hair catcher this is.

Need to stop for a bit?

Should you need to pause while grooming with this beard cape  because there’s someone ringing your doorbell, a phone call that needs answering, etc., all you have to do is remove the straps off your neck, and hang them on the hooks found on both ends of the bib.

These hooks are actually on the opposite sides of the large suction cups.

So at each end, you’ll find a large suction cup on one side (to stick to the mirror), and a hanging hook on the other side, which is kept in place by a smaller suction cup.

Beard Bibs Provide Convenience

Now the second word that comes to mind is of course—CONVENIENCE.

The convenience offered by this well-made shave bib is simply awesome.

Cleaning up all that awful mess after each grooming ritual can drive any man up the wall. But you can keep your sanity intact with the aid of this beard catcher.

Its ability to catch hair clippings makes me grin from ear to ear.

What turns that grin to just a slight grimace is that it doesn’t catch 100% of my beard hair—one of my two complaints about this product (check out the drawbacks section for the other one).

Several bits of hair clippings tend to fall off either side of the beard bib, so in my case, a teeny bit of cleanup is often necessary.

Yes I know, this isn’t really worth griping about considering that the thing is able to catch near close to a 100% of the trimmings, but hey, although a real minor one, this is still a drawback in my book.

And besides, many user reviews I read online stated that the Beard King Bib is able to catch all their beard hair clippings.

Still, I’m extremely grateful that I no longer have to spend way too much time cleaning up hair clippings for the sink, and unclogging the drainage hole in my bathroom.

I’m sure you’ll experience the same feeling of gratitude once you’ve used this beard trimming catcher.

Quality of the Beard Cape

The last word that settles down in the gray matter is QUALITY.

This beard cape by Beard King deserves kudos for picking out top notch combination of polyesters for producing their bibs.

Word has it that their polyester materials were handpicked not in China, but in the United States.

That’s probably a fact since the construction quality of the Beard King bib is outstanding. It certainly gives that last-for-years kind of impression.

Sadly, the quality of the hooks for hanging the neck straps does not offer the same impression.

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Top Rated Choice

Beard King Bib Hair Catcher

Do yourself and wife a favor, consider investing in this shaving bib to keep the sink clean from all the beard hair when you trim it and it will prevent the sink from getting clogged up and you having to take it a part to fix it!

You can get the Deluxe or Lite Version

Lite Version Comes with

  • Beard Cape - One Size Fits All
  • Suction Cups
  • Shoulder Covers

Deluxe Version Comes With

  • Beard Cape - With Wider Scoop to Catch More Hair Clippings
  • Suction Cups and Replacement Suction Cups
  • Shoulder Covers
  • Built in Tray Table to Hold Tools
  • Hanger for Pausing Capability
  • Self Packaging Pouch

Beard Bib Drawbacks

As mentioned earlier, the beard apron doesn’t actually catch all my beard trimmings. Some would fall of the sides and that’s a tad disappointing.

The slightly bigger disappointment lies with the hooks used to hang the necks straps whenever you need to stop grooming temporarily.

Those hooks are made out of plastic and they really are quite flimsy. It seems as if they might break easily so be extra careful when handling them.

In fact, some users claimed that the hooks were indeed easily broken. You probably won’t be using them all that much so this flaw isn’t exactly a deal-breaker.

But if you’re bothered with the broken hooks or if you have issues at all with the Beard King bib, then you can always contact their stellar customer support via message on Amazon (if you purchase it off, or via their official customer support inbox.

Helps Prevent Potential Breakup or Divorce

Did you know that according to some statistics, a man’s failure to clean up after grooming his facial hair is the cause of close to 40 percent of all breakup or divorce cases in the United States?

Okay, I made that up, but let’s face it—women will go bat crazy if their men refuse to get rid of their facial hair trimmings after being asked to do so time and time again.

Tempers and arguments occurring on a regular basis may lead to a full-blown divorce or a breakup. Therefore guys, to avoid such tragedy from happening, it makes perfect sense to get this beard bib.

And for the ladies out there, if you’re tired of cleaning after your boyfriends/fiancés/husbands, then this is the perfect gift for them—and for yourself as well, come to think of it.

Beard Bib Rating and Review

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In the past, trimming my bushy facial hair is an activity that I did not look forward to, obviously because of the tremendous cleanup that I would have to do after I’m done.

But now, there’s no reason to be apprehensive about it!

Without a doubt, this super convenient product, originally seen on Shark Tank, is a must-have for all bearded folks out there.

This beard cape allows for easy disposal of the hair clippings.

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