Best Beard Brush and Comb Set Reviews For Men

To prevent your ultra-manly beard from looking unruly and shaggy, you’ve got to brush and comb it.

Regular brushing and combing will not only make it clean, neat, and look absolutely dishy to the ladies; it’ll also help encourage the production of natural oils which can elevate the health of your manly whiskers, making them softer, stronger, and thicker.

Now, anyone who is ready to pick up a beard and brush comb set might feel pretty overwhelmed what with the tremendous assortment of choices available out there.

Helping you avoid that overwhelming feeling is our primary goal here.

So in order to accomplish this goal, we’ve handpicked three top-shelf, best beard brush and comb sets, plus a standalone brush and a standalone comb—either one deserves a spot in your beard-grooming arsenal.

Best Beard Brush and Comb Set Reviews For Men

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Beard & Mustache Brush and Comb Kit by Smooth Viking Beard Care

This is easily one of the most value-for-money facial hair brush and comb sets you’re going to find in the marketplace today.

  • Bearded brush that’s composed of natural bristles derived from wild boars, styles and shapes beard hair, and stimulates the skin underneath
  • Fit-in-your-pocket pear wood comb that has both coarse and fine teeth for detangling beard hair
  • Helps distribute beard care and styling products such as balm, oil, and wax
  • Helps clear away dandruff

Smooth Viking is easily one of the most value-for-money facial hair brush and comb sets you’re going to find in the marketplace today.

Both items deliver excellent detangling and styling capabilities, and they are suitable for any beard types, no matter the length shape and texture.

Bristles quality is spot on, possessing a real sweet balance between firm and soft. At the base portion, the bristles are firm while the ends are quite soft— but they’re not tooooo soft, okay?

It’s a good thing they made it this way, so that you don’t accidentally scratch the skin underneath while brushing your beard.

Don’t worry; the bristles are firm enough to provide exfoliation benefits for the skin.

Other excellent perks of the firm-soft bristles include being able to disperse either balm or oil evenly throughout your beard, and preventing your beard’s natural moisture from dissipating.

Got a thick and curly beard that’s difficult to pull down?

No problem, the brush works wonderfully well for taming such beard, keeping those wild curls restrained so everything looks spick and span.

You can also use it for shaping purposes by brushing a bunch of hairs into various points on the face, thereby forming shapes that can give your beard a much fuller appearance.

The overall size and width of the Smooth Viking brush are just right, and looking at the picture,  you might think that it’s a little too small to handle a lengthy beard.

Once you’ve actually used it though, you might just come away highly impressed with its ability to effectively groom longer beards—even those that are 5 or 6 inches past the chin.

As for the comb, it’s expertly crafted of high-grade pear wood and features 2 different teeth—wide and fine.

The former is especially useful for untangling wet knotted beard hair, and either side works great for styling depending on what look you’re going for.

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Beard Brush & Comb Set for Men by Grow a Beard

The manufacturer claims they wanted to make a biodegradable and environmentally friendly brush and comb set for the beard.

And here you go; the two items found in this pack are indeed eco-friendly because they’re crafted from bamboo.

  • Comb and brush made out of bamboo
  • Eco-friendly and sturdy construction
  • Suitable for all beard size and style
  • Brush massages the beard and elicits natural oil production for promoting healthy facial hair growth
  • Anti-static comb easily detangles both dry and wet facial hair

The manufacturer claims they wanted to make a biodegradable and environmentally friendly brush and comb set for the beard.

And here you go; the two items found in this pack are indeed eco-friendly because they’re crafted from bamboo.

But even though made of bamboo, they are not at all shabby in the durability department. Both item have been carefully crafted to ensure a level of sturdiness that’s just as satisfactory as wood.

Should you have some balms or oils on hand, you’ll want to use the brush to spread them all over your beard, and then tidy up the whole thing for a pure dapper look.

Sprucing up a messy beard with the brush is both fun and relaxing, and it helps immensely that the bristles are able to dig smoothly into bundles of frizzled hairs and have them nicely shaped up.

As you gently groom your full and luscious beard, you might notice that what makes the brushing activity so enjoyable is because of how the brush feels in your hand.

Beard brushing just never gets old when the bristles feel good on the whiskers and the skin underneath, and the brush itself feels extremely comfy to sweep up and down a lengthy facial hair for an extended period of time.

Yep, it can get pretty addictive as there are users who claim they simply can’t get enough of the brush, going as far as brushing their beards several times a day!

Like the comb in the earlier set, this is also a dual action comb featuring a set of fine teeth on one side, and wide on the other.

Usability-wise, it’s just as good as that comb and pretty well built. If you have a short beard you probably won’t have much use for it, but folks with really long beards will appreciate having the comb on hand.

Any problems?

There’s just one.

The bristles on the brush, although awesome for the beard, tend to drop off quite a bit after just a handful of uses, and on each subsequent use after that.

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Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men by Viking Revolution

What’s not to love about this set?

It’s highly rated by numerous users and deservingly so, as Viking Revolution has done a sublime job of producing a beard comb and brush that possess an eye-pleasing aesthetic, without comprising comfort and functionality.

  • All-natural beard and comb created from bamboo and pear wood
  • Untangle stubborn knots with ease
  • Stylish velvet travel pouch included
  • Evenly distributes beard care and grooming products throughout the facial hair

You’d be surprised how many great looking beard brushes and combs out there are plagued with a variety of issues, ranging from poorly designed comb which discomforts the user, to bristles that barely penetrate the beard hairs, and even bristles that actually break them!

Here, the comb’s construction is just marvelous and it also has two handy dandy sides. Each side serves its own purpose.

When it comes to untangling stubborn knots, the fine side sorts them out like a boss, and for general grooming purposes, you’ll want to use the wide teeth side.

Another plus is that if you’re often bugged by the all-annoying beard itch, then the comb could be the remedy that you’ve been looking for.

As good as the comb is, though, the brush is even better with quality bristles that are slightly firmer than the brushes in the first two sets, plus they are ridiculously effective at shaping as well as directing tight curls.

For a beard that’s long and coarse, the wide teeth side should be the initial tool of choice. After combing your beard several times from top to bottom, flip it over and comb it again with the fine teeth side.

Apply a little balm for styling, and distribute evenly using the brush. Finally, use the brush again to style and shape your lengthy, hunky beard.

Since the bristles are a little firmer, it is best that you apply light pressure when you brush your beard using downward motions.

The set comes with a pretty cool looking, travel-friendly drawstring pouch bag that fits both items. It’s quite a nice bonus.

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Boar Bristles Beard Brush by ZilberHaar

There is a lot to like about this beard brush,  its handle is well crafted, smooth, and appealing to the eye. The bristles are 100% derived from boars hairs are outstanding. They do a splendid job of managing stiff beard hairs and forming them into a uniform shape. 

  • Pear wood brush with smooth, decently crafted handle
  • Very firm pure boar bristles for dealing with even the thickest of facial hair
  • Exfoliates the skin underneath the beard for better, healthier hair growth
  • Softens facial hair
  • Lifetime warranty

Even though it doesn’t come with a comb, there’s quite a lot to like about this beard brush, starting with its handle which is extremely well crafted, smooth, and appealing to the eye.

ZilberHaar’s brush is almost perfect for those who are not used to taming their facial manes using brushes that don’t have handles attached to them.

Some folks might not be too happy with bristles’ firmness (of all the brushes listed here, this has the firmest bristles), but that’s not such a bad thing.

With having wholesome beards the aim of most beard-growing men, it makes plenty of sense for ZilberHaar to churn out a brush with very firm bristles in order to better exfoliate the skin hidden underneath.

After all, exfoliation is essential for promoting a healthy skin. And the healthier your facial skin, the higher your chance of growing a healthy, luscious beard that’s soft and irresistible to the ladies.

As long as you refrain from applying too much pressure and avoid brushing in a vigorous manner, the bristles are nothing to be worried about.

As a matter of fact, the bristles which are 100% derived from boars hairs are outstanding. They do a splendid job of managing stiff beard hairs and forming them into uniform shapes that are easy on the eyes.

You’ll find that the brush has a very good balance in terms density of bristles, so you shouldn’t have any problems dispersing beard oils and balms equally from top to bottom.

In addition, it comes with a warranty that lasts a lifetime (available at the time of writing).

A heads-up about 3 potential issues:

  • Because the dimensions are only 6.1 x 1 x 1.2 inches, the brush might be too small for those with large mitts.
  • If you’re a proud owner of a really epic beard, the size of the brush isn’t going to cut it for your purposes.
  • Also not suitable for those with very short, thin beard (skin underneath visible), as the skin might not take too kindly to the bristles’ firmness.

Yes, the bristles are wonderful for exfoliating the skin, but the beard must be thick enough that the skin isn’t visible.

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BEARD KING’s Beard Brush for Men

Ever since BEARD KING released their flagship product the Beard Bib to critical raves and record-breaking sales, more and more beard-sporting men started to check out their other offerings.

And this ergonomically crafted beard brush is yet another first-rate offering by BEARD KING.

  • Solid wood brush with natural boar bristles
  • Medium-hard bristles enhance hard hair texture and helps in shaping, smoothing, and styling the beard
  • Excellent size and weight
  • Comfortable ergonomic design

The brush is a delight to use, boasting a sturdy solid wood construction, smooth and effective medium-hard bristles, plus weight and size that feels spot on in the hand.

Whether it’s for shaping, smoothing, styling, or for spreading oils and balm, the brush has you covered on all these fronts.

One complaint though—it’s a little pricey for a standalone brush. Still, it’s difficult to be too critical of the price tag when the product is genuinely top quality.

If you have no interest in getting a comb, and a brush is the only piece of tool you need to tidy up your precious beard, look no further.

Best Beard Brush Conclusion

As you might have noticed, the three beard brush and comb sets are fairly similar to one another. As such, you can go with any one of them.

All three are very well made, they are practical, they work great, and their prices are absurdly affordable. However, Viking Revolution’s set is the standout in terms of aesthetic appeal.

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