Best Beard Grooming Kit Reviews For Men

Attention, my bearded brethren!

Thanks to the many products for beards that are available on the market, you can now groom your large, masculine, and impressively thick facial hair in the comfort of your home.

If you’re ready to do the honors, then you’ll need a beard grooming kit containing several key items that can turn your beard from looking like ‘meh,’ to looking like something that might inspire even the most ardent beard-haters to grow beards!

Below are 5 of the best beard care kits that could help you achieve this feat.

And to the ladies out there who have been scratching their heads trying to figure out what gifts to buy for their beloved bristly-faced men, just get any one of these beard care kits and you won't go wrong.

Best Beard Grooming Kit Reviews

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Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Care by Rapid Beard

I love beard grooming kits that contain only quality items. Sure the beard oil beard balm in this kit are in small servings, and since you would be applying them on your beard daily, they might run out fast—but that’s okay because they are such awesome products.

  • Includes stainless steel beard scissors, 100% boar bristle brush, handmade snag-free wooden beard comb, oil, balm
  • Fine tooth comb that can get through any beard thickness and length
  • Brush works great for shaping and smoothing the beard
  • Unscented beard oil and beard balm contain argan oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil as primary ingredients
  • Items are packed in a premium gift box

Both the beard balm and beard oil are unscented so that’s great news for those who have sensitivity to fragrance smells.

You’ll want to apply the oil after you’ve thoroughly washed your beard. The oil acts like a beard conditioner, and you’ll discover that it works extremely well for lubricating and moisturizing the entire facial hair.

Personally, what I like most about the oil is that it lessens my beard itch.

As for the balm, now this thing does wonders for sculpting and styling your beard. You need only a small amount and it's sure to hold your beard styling throughout the day.

Add to these another three pretty decent items, and what you have here is a genuinely solid beard grooming and trimming kit.

Anti-snag wooden beard combs are well made and are perfect for distributing and spreading the oil throughout your beard.

The first time I combed my beard with it, I thought it felt nice in my hand and I was quite amazed at how easy it glided through my tangled facial hair. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the best beard combs I’ve ever used.

Beard Brushes are a must. Thumbs up to the brush too as it does a nice job of shaping up my beard.

One thing that could’ve made this beard care kit even better: a sharper pair of scissors.

The 5-inch scissors included in the kit has a real nice construction and they are quite comfy to use, but a little lacking in the sharpness department.

To make the sharpness go from ‘bleh’ to WOW, I had them sharpened with my trusty 8000 grit whetstone. Now the scissors are cutting my beard hair like a dream.

Other than the scissors lack of cutting edge, this beard maintenance kit is a triumph.

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Beard Care Kit by Jack Black

Jack Black products are often lumped in the “luxury beauty” beard care category, which means they are not friendly to the wallet.

So one look at this kit and its price tag, you know you’re getting one heck of a value.

This kit contains 4 different products that are suitable for grooming all types of beard, and would’ve obviously cost more if purchased individually.

  • A 4-step grooming set for cleansing, conditioning, and softening both facial hair and the skin underneath
  • Includes a beard wash for cleansing, a beard lube for detailing, a beard oil for conditioning, and a comb for styling facial hair
  • High quality luxury beauty items

Let’s take a look at each product one by one.

Beard Wash

I really enjoy Jack Black’s beard wash, with its easy lathering and how it gives my beard a pleasant shiny look. After using it for a about a week, I noticed that the skin under and around my beard got a little softer too.

Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

At first, I was a little uncomfortable using this for shaving because it doesn’t have the thickness of a shaving cream—in fact, the lube is translucent.

But this delightful-smelling lube surprised me immediately after my first swipe with the razor.

It gave me a pleasantly smooth close shave and when I shaved against the grain, I didn’t feel even the slightest razor burn.

Another plus which I’m sure you’ll be happy to know: Unlike a lot of shaving creams out there, this lube didn’t give me the much dreaded after-shave irritation.

Just spread this creamy lube to the areas you want to shave and prepare to be blown away.

Beard Oil

Made of 100% essential oils, what makes this one a winner like the rest of the items is that it does a bang-up job of softening my beard, giving it a nicely groomed appearance.

The slight fragrance, quick evaporation, as well as easy application only add to the positives of Jack Black’s beard oil.

Beard Comb

All I can say is WOW! This is the grandest of beard comb that no bearded man should be without.

I’m kidding.

There’s nothing spectacular about it. Aren't all beard combs alike? I guess not. It’s just a little comb that works like it's supposed to, nothing more, nothing less. It is just a little to too thin for my liking.

Overall, what we have here is a gold level beard care and beard grooming kit.

Also, if you’ve been wondering what the big deal is with Jack Black’s luxury beauty grooming products; this is the best beard care kit to get.

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Men Beard Care Grooming Kit by XIKEZAN

Like Rapid Beard’s offering, this one also has everything you’d want in a beard care kit—a comb, a boar bristles brush, a pair of styling scissors, and 100% natural beard oil and balm.

  • Comes with a beard brush, a beard comb, a pair of trimming scissors, a beard oil and balm
  • Beard oil stops facial hair itch, and adds shine, luster, as well as texture
  • Strong beard balm holds facial hair for fuss-free styling and shaping
  • Brush with ideal firmness and comb that doesn’t snag the hair
  • Includes a downloadable free “ULTIMATE BEARD GUIDE” e-book
  • Items are presented in a sleek, premium gift box

Every one of these items is class, but the brush takes the cake for me. Not only is it darn well constructed and feels good to hold, it’s also delightfully soft with just the right amount of firmness for taming wiry beard hairs.

The oil will give your beard a healthy sheen and if you happen to have the itchy beard syndrome, this may be the remedy for you.

Next up is the beard balm which is just as good as Rapid Beard’s. However, this one has a bit more scent to it. Don’t worry, it’s not overbearing.

With just a little application of the balm plus some brushing and combing, any messy, bushy beard will look like a million bucks.

Speaking of combing, the beard comb in this kit feels slightly uncomfortable to grip because the top part is thicker so it just doesn’t feel quite right in my hand.

The trimming scissors are good though. They are comfortable and right out of the box, cuts much sharper than the scissors found in Rapid Beard’s grooming kit.

No doubt this set is outstanding, and I appreciate how everything is handsomely packaged. Really guys, as far as beard grooming and trimming sets go, this is one of the best beard care kits out there.

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The Grow A Beard Set

When it comes to maintenance kits for beards, this set ranks high on the list—so high, in fact, that at the time of this write-up, it received the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” label.

  • Enduring brush and comb composed of farmed bamboo (100% biodegradable and not damaging to the forests)
  • Pocket-sized and can easily fit into bag or pants pockets
  • 2-sided comb featuring both wide and fine teeth sides
  • Comb is anti-static and works well for wet or dry beards
  • Boar bristle brush cleans dirt with ease and generates natural oil production in the skin

When it comes to beard grooming kits for beard, the Grow a Beard set ranks high on the list—so high, in fact, that at the time of this write-up, it received the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” label.

No surprise here since the set features two very decent products in the form of a pocket-sized brush and a comb, both of which are made out of bamboo.

Now, I realize their durability might be a concern for you due to the fact that bamboo is weaker than wood, but let me assure you that regarding this aspect, you have absolutely nothing worry about.

The bamboo construction is sturdy as an oak to me. One issue that might worry you a little is the brush’s bristles which tend to shed off rather easily.

During the first few uses, the bristles barely came off, but now, I noticed they seem to shed bit by bit on each use.

Comments by other users concerning this problem were mixed when I bought it. Some said the bristles stay solidly in place with minimal shedding, while others were in the same boat as me.

Putting this issue aside, the brush itself works great and seems to be extremely well balanced in terms of firmness and softness.

The comb in this set has 2 handy sides to it—fine teeth on one side, and wider teeth on the opposite.

For fine hair straightening work, you’ll want to use the former, but the wider teeth side should fit most needs.

No complaints about the comb. It does a stellar job of smoothing and detangling beard hair, and also delivers on the comfort front.

The Grow a Beard set is good overall and its ridiculously low price tag is a big plus. I just wish the bristles on the brush wouldn’t fall out so easily.

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Grooming Kit with Signature Bourbon Cedar Fragrance by Olivina Men

This is actually a full body grooming kit which includes a bottle of two-in-one shave prep and beard oil, an aluminum-free deodorant, an exfoliating all-in-one scrub, a conditioning cream, and an all-in-one body wash, aka beard shampoo.

  • Body grooming kit that contains 5 different products, one of which is a shave prep and beard oil
  • All products are naturally pure, certified organic
  • Rugged cedar and bourbon scent, not overpowering

While it certainly is nice to have 5 different grooming products all conveniently packed in a single box, this Olivina Men kit is pretty average overall.

I will give the oil top marks because it’s such a treat for the beard. The non-overpowering cedar and bergamot scent is fantastic, but still, I wish the bourbon scent was a bit stronger in the other 4 products.

The packaging says “Cedar Bourbon,” but I detected way more cedar than bourbon.

Another minor annoyance is the deodorant’s lack of longevity as the scent usually dissipates within a few hours.

To be fair, it’s a natural kind of deodorant, and the natural ones are not known to last an entire day.

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ZEUS Everyday Grooming Kit

Zeus deluxe beard is an all in one solution for daily maintenance solution for your beard that includes beard shampoo, conditioner, beard oil and beard balm. It is made with all natural ingredients that is great for your beard and skin. It does come in three scents Verbena Lime, Sandalwood and Vanilla Rum.

  • 3 available scents to choose from
  • All natural ingredients
  • Zeus is for everyday use
  • Great for dry and Itchy beards
  • Zeus Beard Oil and Beard Balm to condition beard
  • It is Free Sulfate free and Paraben Free

Zeus Beard Shampoo - contains an ingredient that helps reduce inflammation and protect skin cells called dragon's blood tree ingredient. It also includes green tea to help prevent dandruff and flaking. Lastly it has Chamomile which helps prevent itching and restores shine to your hair.

Zeus Beard Conditioner - to soften and hydrate your beard it contains Jojoba seed oil and avocado oil. It also contains Dragon Blood along with Aloe Vera to moisturize your skin. Lastly, it contains Vitamin B5 to increase your beard volume and elasticity of your beard hairs.

Zeus Beard Oil - The ingredients are great for softening your hair and helps to prevent itchy skin by including Safflower seed oil, grape seed oil to help irritated skin and vitamin E to help blood circulation to cause less flaking. Lastly, it includes Moroccan Argan Oil to add volume and shine to your beard hair.

Conclusion of Beard Grooming Kit Reviews

All told, these are straight up the best beard care kits for your money, but the one I would consider as the cream of the crop and one of the best beard grooming kits out there is Jack Black’s grooming kit

Every single item from that beard grooming kit oozes quality, from the beard wash to the beard oil. This incredible package offers just about everything a proud beard owner could hope for.

The beard grooming kits by Rapid Beard and XIKEZAN are tied as my second choice. I don’t think either one is better than the other.

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