Best Open Comb Safety Razor Reviews

I recently came across the double edge safety razor with the open comb. I think it was great in terms of safety. Most of the razors have sharp blades that result in cuts on the skin. But when there is an open combo with teeth, it performs as a safety net between your skin and The Blade.

This feature was not only interesting but highly functional, which was the reason I planned on switching to the open comb razor.

While I was looking for the best open comb razor, I was more interested in finding out the best open comb razor for beginners as I was planning to use it for the very first time and wanted to be extremely safe.

I was glad to find some of the best and safest choices. Why don't you take a look as well?

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Merkur 25c open comb razor

I found this one as the best open comb safety razor because it is just perfect for people with a thick beard. This one has a handle of 3.78 inches with an extremely sleek design. Handling it and gripping it would not be a problem because of the perfect design. This razor is made to slide easily on the contours of the face. You will not have to be put under a lot of pressure which is a major plus point.

You should also consider the weight of the razor when purchasing it. And it only weighs 2.01 Oz which is another great feature because you would not get tired while shaving.

You can change the razor blade very easily and find the blades widely available. This one is a durable option with a design that is safe to use. I also noticed that this razor shaves closely, even in the tricky areas, and it does not cause any irritation.

  • Sleek and easy to grip design
  • Helps with efficient shaving
  • Perfect for beginners and does not require a lot of pressure for shaving
  • Some irritation can be caused due to wet shaving
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Parker 24c three-piece open comb razor

The next one we have is another one of the best quality open comb razors that are especially great for beginners. This one has a handle having a length of 4 inches. Not most people are experienced in using longer handles; therefore, it is best to try and not use the razor aggressively in the starting. The weight of the razor is 3.4 Oz, whereas it is safe to use and also available at a budget-friendly price.

You will not find it difficult to remove the razor blade whenever you need and also, the solid frame that is made from brass material guarantees long-lasting use. However, if you are using it for wet shaving, remember that it is prone to rust and corrosion quite easily.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Affordably priced open comb razor
  • Easy to use and handle
  • It can corrode easily
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Parker 26c open comb razor

We have another one from the Parker series, and this one is an upgraded version of the Parker 24c open comb razor. This one is a premium quality open comb razor that contains three different pieces along with the handle that is of black anodized material. This one has double-edged razor blades that are sharp and cut closely. The total length of the handle is 4 inches, whereas the weight is 3.4 Oz. This one is one of the best open comb safety razors.

Moreover, the perfect price is an added benefit for this one. It will provide you an excellent handle grip along with smoothed save that you want. Also, the plus point is that there are five spare blade options available with this one.

  • It comes with five extra blades
  • Affordable option
  • Highly durable and stable option
  • The Chrome finish can fade easily

Buying Guide: What to consider when purchasing an open comb razor?

When you are planning to purchase the best open comb razor, you should keep a few things in mind. These were my go-to two options to consider whenever I was looking for the best open comb razor for beginners.


The first thing that I checked was the weight of the razor. I was also making sure that whatever option I consider should not be heavy in weight and should be easy to handle and grip. The handle length should be more than three inches for better and easy grip. Also, when the handle is long, it becomes a lot easier for you to handle the razor, and it helps with close shaving.

Design and look

The design and look are the two other options that must be considered. Most of the races are available in a Chrome finish which looks amazing. There were a lot of options available with plastic and wooden handles, but I found the Chrome finish a lot better.

Easy unscrewing

When opting for the safety razors, one must make sure if changing the blade is easy or not. You should check the screw and find out if it is simple and easy to change the blade and screw the razor.


The price also matters a lot. You should not be opting for something that is super expensive, but it is always better to invest in something that is long-lasting. I opted for the one that was best in terms of durability and also perfect in terms of the design.

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Now that you have seen that treetop pics for the open comb razors,  you can finally decide which one is the Best Open Comb Razor to consider. As per my research, I found the Merkur 25c open comb razor an excellent quality razor for beginners especially.

Make sure you are obtained for something that is safe to use and that you really feel comfortable using. These open comb safety razors help with quick shaving. You can easily remove the blade from the razor and use a new one whenever needed. One thing more that you have to check is that how easy and simple it is to screw The Blade onto the razor.  If this is not what you are looking for you can try our article on Stainless Steel Safety Razors.