5 Best Open Comb Slant Razor

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Best Open Comb Slant Razor

When looking for the best open comb slant razor, I came across these five options that were absolutely perfect in terms of the design and the perfect shave that it provides.

The slant safety razor is usually the number one choice for most people because of the premium design and also the Close Shave that it helps you with. Keep in mind that when choosing the Razor for shaving, you should check how excellent it is in terms of the grape and in terms of the design. In the case of a flimsy design, it will not only make it difficult for you to shave but also will be a total waste of money.

Check the five best options below that I have compiled for the open combo slant razors.

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Merkur safety razor 39c

The Merkur 39c safety razor is available in a Chrome finish. Keeping in mind the dimension of this Chrome safety razor is 5.25 inches X 2.2 inches X 1 inches. Whereas the total weight is only 3.35 Oz which is an excellent plus point. You can add only one blade to this Chrome razor, but it is absolutely simple and easy to place the blade. The screwing of the Razor is not difficult; however, I would recommend you to use a towel when you are changing the blade to save your hand from any unexpected cuts.

The affordable price is what makes it a great choice to consider. It is a long-lasting choice with a long handle. It will not only save your skin from the cuts, but also it will save you from any kind of irritation. It is an amazing choice to consider, which uses inexpensive blades, and it is also precise.

  • Easy to use
  • Offers excellent grip
  • Safe to use
  • Can rust easily
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Parker semi slant safety razor

The next one we have is the Parker semi slant Razor that is another one of the excellent quality options, which also comes with five premium double-edged razor blades made of graphite material.

This one is a premium quality brass material razor that is electroplated as well. It has a handle of 4 inches which makes it a lot easier for you to grip the Razor. It is a semi-aggressive razor that closely shaves and helps you with safe shaving.

This one is a great choice for not only beginners but also for the people who for wet shaving. This one is more of a traditional razor that offers you just be ideal results that you want.

3 piece razor is just the perfect choice to consider because of the excellent price that it has to offer and the material that is just perfect as well.

  • Excellent quality razor made of brass material
  • Safe shaving
  • It does not cause any irritation
  • The Chrome finish might peel off quickly

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Merkur double edge safety razor 25c

The next one that we have is another one of the double edge safety razors from the Merkur series. This one is a Chrome finish razor that is super sleek and excellent in terms of design. The length of the handle is 4 inches which enhances the grip it has to offer. Also, it is one of the best double edge Razors, which offers an easy change of the blades. With the multi-blades, it makes sure that there is no irritation on the skin and the close-cut provides you with the smooth shave that you want.

  • Reasonable option to consider
  • Perfect for shaving legs and other body parts
  • Ideal quality
  • It can cause a bit of irritation if not used appropriately
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Razo rock 37

This another one of the open comb slant razors is one of the best quality options that is made from Stainless Steel material and has the handle made from Stainless Steel material. The length of the stainless steel Razor is 90 mm, and the head of the Razor is made from zinc alloy material with a Chrome finish. The overall design is excellent, along with the perfect functioning and the affordable price that it has to offer.

  • Shaves closely for smooth skin
  • Uses inexpensive shaving blades
  • It offers just the perfect value for money
  • Might leave a few cuts if you are not careful

Merkur slant edge safety razor

The last one on the list is another one of the top quality and the best open comb slant razor that is perfect in terms of the safety that it provides. It is a premium quality material that does not cost you a lot of money.

This absolutely perfect quality shaving razor is ideal to ensure that your skin is not irritated, and it uses double-edged blades. It offers you precise and durable results that you want, along with the perfect design and the Chrome finish. It is a simple to handle option that comes with a perfect Chrome finish. It is a slant bar with fixed blade options.

  • Simple and easy to use with disposable blades
  • Excellent Chrome finish
  • Made of excellent quality material
  • Easily breakable and a little flimsy


Now that you have seen the five best options, it will be a lot easier for you to choose the perfect choice available. Make sure that you are taking the one that is more comfortable and provides you just the ultimate option for shaving. The blade changing screw of the Razor is also an important aspect to consider. Make sure you do not miss out on that. Also, I would recommend you consider the design and the material of the Razor as well. If you feel that the Razor is prone to rust and corrosion, you should definitely opt for a different choice.