Brass VS Stainless Steel Safety Razor: Experience The Difference

Brass vs stainless steel safety razor

Are you still confused about choosing Brass Vs stainless steel safety razor? Apparently, both of the materials are alloys and used in safety razors. When I hear brass razors, I get the vintage style popping in my mind and that Gillette company. However, the very next second, I got the idea of a stainless-steel safety razor in mind.

Both of the materials left my mind swirling and in a perplexed state. Which one should I choose? And why is one better than the other, or if both are same? I wanted to figure out the difference between the two materials of safety razors: steel vs. Brass.

Let me share my experience, and you can analyze the difference between Brass vs. stainless steel safety razors which will further help you in your quest.

Let’s dig deeper.

I have a good collection of stainless-steel double edge safety razors, but I also possess one brass safety razor of old times. Is aging not beautiful? Yes, you can feel it on your years-old brass razors. I love the finishing of my brass safety razor.

Aesthetic Looks:

It has an antique finishing which reminds me of picking the old Gillette safety razor at the antique store. Yet, I got one of my brass safety razors to tarnish. Let me tell you, I cannot compromise on looks. However, I rush out from the series of thoughts and remind myself that I got a brand new razor. It is just like a classic vintage car loaded with modern specs.


I cannot resist the looks of even distribution of patina on my entire piece. Oh! Let me tell you if you got the aesthetic sense, it looks incredible. The unpretentious Brass got no match in its appealing looks! Yes, I mean it.


Moreover, if it differs from your style, I will recommend you to have it re-polished. Everyone cannot digest and find the tarnished looks appealing. It might be ugly for some.



Brass safety razor readily available everywhere. Every manufacturer does not offer brass safety razors. Moreover, these razors went through labor-intensive processes for the patina to provide its definite look. It is not a matter of merely blinking your eye and getting your work completed by the machines, the way we usually do and prefer.


My Parker 69CR is my love. I cannot touch Parker’s legacy in it reflecting the 40 years. Most importantly, you cannot ignore how easily and well it moves on your face. The original Brass used in its manufacturing grants it high rigidness. Do not hold the fear of damaging your tiles; I accidentally dropped my razor in the bathroom.

The company adds up weight to its razor because of brass construction. I adore the high quality resting in my hands during my shaving spree. However, stainless steel also has no comparison in strength.


All you have to go with is pating over Brass if it is really old. But stainless steel cannot beat its durability, I must say. The question of Brass vs. stainless steel safety razor for durability has a simple answer. Brass has no match with stainless silver.

If you take proper care, you can have your brass safety razor last for 1000 years even. But before you pour another cup of drink, let me share a piece of good news with you.

However, I cannot even deny the durability of Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor, my stainless steel safety razor. Many users comment in favor of durable stainless steel safety razors. All thanks to the different plating methods, the durability of stainless steel safety razors can be more.

That’s not all!


The oligodynamic effect is another factor that compels me to go for brass safety razors. They got the antimicrobial factor to fight against bacteria. It can kill bacteria within a matter of a few hours, just like antibacterial soaps. So, shave on with Brass because it has the capability to clean itself. Moreover, you have to clean stainless steel.


Maintenance and repair

Although stainless steel is really easy to maintain, the aesthetic looks of Brass urge you to choose it. However, you need to take more care and maintain a proper repair routine and schedule. If you leave Brass unattended for a long time, it will tarnish. Oh! It will not rust at all!

I also got good reviews of Brass Charcoal with unique finishing. As it gets old, the patina will do its wonders. It will be best if we dry it by blotting. Furthermore, you can do occasional waxing at times with the renaissance wax. Finally, you can choose polished if you want its same old look.

Let me tell you; the stainless steel safety razors also need plating. However, safety razors and durability are not preferable combinations for many people. Stainless steel needs no continence in contrast to the brass safety razors. You can easily clean and maintain your stainless steel razors. Stainless steel safety razors rust due to the stainless steel characteristic.


I find brass safety razors to be more vintage-looking choices for my loved ones. It can be any of your special occasions, Valentine’s Day, birthday, father’s day, or Christmas. I find it appealing as a souvenir and piece for my memory. It is simply magical to feel the presence of the loved one in my mind and feel fresh when I plan to start my mornings with my grooming session.


There is something more to it! The Brass vs. stainless steel safety razor gets in the final round. All maintenance incurs a cost. The majority of people find brass safety razors hard to keep because of their maintenance. However, the cost does not seem to be worth it.

Even my few friends and colleagues laugh it out and say they can get stainless steel safety razor in its maintenance cost. However, stainless steel safety razors cost a bit higher than brass safety razors, but still preferable because, in the meanwhile, you need no maintenance cost.

Final Verdict Brass vs Stainless Steel Safety Razor

In a nutshell, Brass vs. stainless steel safety razor turns out to be equally reasonable and competitive for high-end razors. Often people tend to choose stainless steel due to corrosion resistance, no need for care, and maintenance sessions, unlike Brass.

However, Brass wins the race if you are an aesthetic lover with less wish to compromise hygiene. I love to add both to my shaving razors list.