Classic Shaving Kit Reviews

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Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

Let's start off by recommending you the most popular old fashion Classic Shaving Kit that men love and you will not be disappointed in made by Gentleman Jon.

  • 8 total items in a nice travel bag included.
  • Shaving brush, safety razor and stand to hold them
  • Alum Block
  • Flexible Shaving Head to ensure perfect contact with the skin
  • Stainless Steel Shave bowl
  • Shaving Soap
  • 5 Astra Double Edge Razor Blades

Shaving is a ritual for many of us but it doesn't have to be a chore which is why you shouldn't feel bad about upgrading to a new classic shaving kit that won't break the bank. This is the best classic shaving kit that will boost your wet shaving game to a new level!

Buying Factors To Buy An Old Fasion Classic Shaving Kit

Besides looking good with a bit of stubble here and there, shaving and grooming are a key factor for youths nowadays to build a personality.

There are tons of shaving kits available in the market which will confuse you.

But fear not, the following is a list of the best shaving kits of 2019 so far.

Before buying a shaving kit, there are few factors to be considered.

With many selections in front of you, you need to decide which one will shell the least amount of money without compromising on quality. A product which you can afford will come in handy every time you need to buy a new one.

Best Classic Shaving Kits – UPDATED 2023

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1. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shaving Kit

Gentleman Job Deluxe Wet Shave Kit has everything you need to get started with shaving and of the highest quality as well. The kit includes a safety razor, badger hair shaving brush, sandalwood shave soap, stainless steel shave bowl. Detailed features are mentioned below. This Classic Shaving Kit includes 8 items listed below.

  1. Safety Razor: The Safety Razor by Gentleman Jon was engineered to give both comfort and precision to the user. It’s built as heavy-duty for long-lasting quality.
  2. Badger Hair Brush: The Badger Hair Brush by Gentleman Jon is made with 100% Black Badger. With the help of this, you can generate more shaving foam with less soap and it will help open up the pores to exfoliate your skin.
  3. Canvas and Leather Dopp Kit: Canvas outside and black, water-resistant, nylon liner inside, this is designed to carry all the accessories with you wherever you want to go.
  4. Razor and Brush Shave Stand: This stand is the perfect solution for your razor and brush when not in use. It also helps dry your brush and razor after use which helps to prolong its life.
  5. Gentleman Jon Alum Block: Our famous alum block helps you reduce the irritation caused by minor razor cuts and razor burn and helps you to stop the bleeding.
  6. Sandalwood soap: We provide a 100% natural Gentleman Shaving soap made of Sandalwood for that sweet scent.
  7. Shaving bowl: The shaving bowl by Gentleman Jon is used to generate great lather for a beautiful shave.
  8.  We also provide 5 Astra SP razor blades for a long-lasting shaving experience.


So upgrade your shaving experience with Gentleman Jon shaving kit. It is the most comprehensive kit in the market today. It’s an all in one Classic Shaving Kit which got you covered in every aspect.

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2. Grandslam Luxury Shaving Set

This shaving kit is made for classy men. The set includes 20 pcs of double-edged blades, professionally crafted stand, Tri segmented razor, and natural Goat milk soap which will moisturize the skin and you will never feel dry or oily.

  1. Grandslam Shaving Kit Stand: The shaving stand is the result of the finest craftsmanship. It is stylishly made and the silver plating is perfect. The perfect product for your brush and safety razor to hang when not in use.
  2. Handmade Genuine Hair Brush: This softest hairbrush you will ever come across. It has great water absorption quality and is made of genuine animal hair.
  3. Goat Milk Soap: Moisturizes your skin with every wash. Its made up of the best skincare formula which makes your skin smooth and clear.
  4. Shaving Bowl: Stir the natural Goat Milk Soap in the bowl to generate the perfect foam which will soften the hair before shaving.

Tips to Shave:

Before shaving, wipe your beard with a hot towel. It will help you soften the beard which will make the shaving process easy.

Always clean your blade before using to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our product full refund will be awarded to you. No questions asked. Grandslam Luxury Shaving Set comes in a wide variety of colors. The safety razor fits double-edged blades as it has a durable, double edge blade application. A perfect new product for your shaving satisfaction.

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3. Amazing Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Imagine an irresistible face that people will love staring at. The Amazing Straight Razor Classic Shaving Kit will offer you exactly that, no less no more. Everything you need will come in one purchase with this Classic Shaving Kit like Stainless steel blade, leather travel case, badger friendly wood brush, sharpening paste and many more items.


  1. Stainless Steel Blade: This 15.7 cm blade will never rust or chip and it maintains a sharp edge for the perfect shave. Japanese people make the best steel in the world and the hardness of this steel is 65 HRC. This is a durable, long-lasting and straight razor. This will give you the precision to shave around your mustache, beard or even your head.
  2. Handmade Natural Soap: This soap will give you the perfect lather to shave because it is made from milk, butter, and coconut oil.
  3. Leather Strop and Sharpening Wax: Every razor needs to be sharpened and this Classic Shaving Kit come with the toughest leather strop with brass hardware to keep the edge of your blade sharp forever. It also comes with a sharpening wax to keep the blade sharp while stropping. This can be done easily with a few slow passes.
  4. Badger Friendly Brush: Our shaving brush is badger friendly in dedication and support of these animals.
  5. We provide a wood box which is awesome and reuseable to your needs.

We provide a lifetime money-back guarantee. If you don't like our product, we will give you a full refund. So treat yourself or a loved one and be exceptional among men with Amazing Straight Razor Classic Shaving Kit and start the journey down the wet shaving road towards a great looking face.

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4. Proraso Vintage Gino Tin Gift Set

This Product provides the Proraso barber quality shave right in your home. The set contains a pre-shave cream, a shaving cream, and an aftershave balm.

The Proraso pre-shave will refresh you in the morning and the aftershave balm will give you a calming effect to end the whole shaving experience. For the best experience apply pre-shaving cream to damp the skin. Do not rinse and apply the shaving cream. Finally, finish it off by applying the balm. Detailed features are mentioned below.

  1. Pre-shave cream: Proraso Pre-shave cream is the perfect product to ready your hair for a perfect Italian shaving experience.
  2. Shaving Cream: Proraso Shaving cream is suitable for every type of skin and it will revitalize your skin with every shave in the morning. The Eucalyptus Oil tones and purifies the skin.
  3. Aftershave: The perfect product to complete the shaving experience, the methanol helps to cool and revitalize the skin.

Proraso Vintage Gino Tin Gift Set will give the best result after shaving and will give your skin a smooth and soothed look that feels toned and invigorated. The quality and assurance of this product has made it the staple in Italy and now slowly all over the world.

Note: safety razor or shaving brush is not included.

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5. VICYUNS Luxury Grooming and Shaving set for Men

This Product comes with a removable and replaceable razor head and blade, 100% natural allergy free shaving soap, a cool mirror shaving bowl, Badger hair shaving brush, and 10 replacement blades.

  1. Shaving Razor: This double-edged razor is really easy to change and wash. An elegant and metallic finish will highlight your good taste and the steel stand will highlight your house by its metallic finish and reflection.
  2. Shaving Soap: Matching with the shaving bowl and brush comes to our allergy-free shaving soap made with 100% natural ingredients.
  3. Mirror Shaving Bowl: This bowl comes with a mirror in the lid which is really helpful during shaving as you can clearly see your beard. Its made with high-quality antiskid design and it's really hard to break. This shaving bowl is best suited for the traditional wet shaver.
  4. Badger Hair Shaving Brush: The shaving brush is made with 100% pure badger hair which will help you lather your beard easily before the perfect shave.
  5. Replacements Blades: This product comes with 10 replacement blades which will give you good service and long-time use. It is recommended to use one blade every 3 months for the best experience.

The stylish design will make sure you enjoy the shaving experience daily. This Shaving Kit is set for daily usage.

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6. Proraso Vintage Prima Dopo Tin Gift Set

With this moisturizing formula get the Proroso quality shave right at home. This gift set contains 3 products made with shea butter and sandalwood oil.

The Pre-shave cream, shaving cream, and aftershave lotion help you get a thick, coarse and curly beard hair. For the perfect shave, apply the pre-shave cream to damp the skin. Do not rinse. Apply shaving cream and shave. Then finish off with applying the aftershave lotion.

  1. Proraso Shaving Cream: This Italian Shaving cream is made from essential formula to make even the toughest and thickest beard soft. It produces a thick, creamy and soft lather for a smooth shave,
  2. Proraso Pre Shave: After applying the pre-shave the blade will slide easily by the synthetic action of the pre-shaving emollient cream. It softens and straightens the hair making it easier to apply the shaving cream.
  3. After shave lotion: After the perfect shaving experience, the aftershave lotion will keep your skin soft. The sandalwood oil will keep your skin nourished and it’s warm and woodsy scent will keep you fresh throughout the day.

Proraso has been transforming the shaving experience for men for decades now and with this product, they have become the forefront of the shaving business in the world. There are no parabens, silicons or artificial colors present in this Classic Shaving Kit. A highly effective product if you are looking for an authentic shaving experience.

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7. Miusco Men's Shaving Complete Set

This product comes with 100% pure badger hair shaving brush.

A soap bowl which is designed to grip comfortably and a non-slip long handle double-edged safety razor

  1. Premium Badger Hair Brush: Badger hair is considered the ideal hair for shaving as their fibers give the ability to retain both heat and moisture. The Miusco Men’s Premium Badger hair is made up of pure badger hair which leads to a really comfortable shave.
  2. Double-Edged Safety Razor: We are keeping the classic shaving experience alive by providing a handcrafted, chrome finished double-edged razor.  For experienced shavers and newbies alike this Doubled edged safety razor is perfect. Its handle is designed in a way, it provides an extra grip and requires less pressure than it’s multi-bladed counterparts. It also helps in giving a comfortable and enjoyable shave with less irritation. This safety razor is compatible with nearly every double-edged safety blade
  3. Stainless Shaving Stand and Bowl: The Miusco safety stand and the bowl will store and secure all the things. The double edge safety razor is held upright and the brush is held hair down to dry it off between the shaves. The shaving bowl is ready to form the lather and to collect all the drip from the shaving to keep the process as tidy as it can be. We provide an elegant and refined touch to this shaving bowl with glossy finish glow on each support.

The Razor has a well-balanced weight and the shaving is easy. The brush handle is made up of wood which helps in giving speed and control to the user. This kit will be an excellent gift for your loved ones.

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8. Grandslam Luxury Man’s Shaving Set

This new product by Grandslam is of high quality and personalized shaving set. The set includes Stand, Razor, Bowl, and Brush. Grandslam has been making one of the best shaving kits for men currently.

The manual razor is very useful and the shaving brush is made up of alloy material and the fibers are badger hair which produces the best lather.

  1. Shaving Brush: This brush is handcrafted and every hair needs to go through 25 different working procedures. This brush is very good for sensitive skin and the base and handle is made up of heavy-duty alloy.
  2. Shaving Stand: This stand is made up of high-quality stainless steel. It’s chrome plated and has a rubber-like non-slip sole. It can hold your shaving brush, safety razor, and bowl in an organized manner. Our safety razor is compatible with nearly all safety razor blades.
  3. Shaving Bowl: The bottom of the cup is made up of an antiskid design to prevent the dumbing slip. This bowl has a perfect arc, fine polished smooth finish, and strong quality.

The shaving experience provided by this will keep you in a happy mood and will give you confidence all day. This Classic Shaving Kit comes with a luxury gift box so you don't have worry about wrapping it. is a perfect gift for yourselves, your father, your brother, your boyfriend or any other wet shavers which offers them a celebrity like shaving experience with Grandslam Luxury Man’s Shaving Set.

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9. H2L Complete Wet Shaving Kit for Men

This Classic Shaving Kit includes a high-end razor and 5 blades, pre-shave Primer Oil, After Shave balm for bump prevention and shaving lotion.

Our Shaving Kit is made from natural oils extracted from baobab, avocado, sunflower seed, sweet almond, and green tea. This is uniquely formulated to nourish and hydrate your skin.

  1. Pre Shave Primer Oil: It softens the beard, opens the pores and moisturizes the skin for a comfortable shave without irritation. It's made up of a unique blend of baobab oil and botanical ingredients. This oil can be used by people of all skin types.
  2. Shaving Lotion: This shaving lotion protects the skin by improving the razor glide and it softens the skin for a comfortable shaving experience. This lotion can be used with or without a shaving brush.
  3. After Shave and Bump Prevention Balm: A mix of moisturizers and essential oils helps to prevent bumps and soothes the burn made by the safety razor. An important final step towards achieving the perfect shave.
  4. High-End Razor: The razor by H2L is a double-edged safety razor with a high end single interchangeable blade. The razor is made in such a way that it allows for more comfort and precision. The high end single interchangeable blade is best because it cuts the hair cleanly without grabbing.

This shaving kit is free of any chemicals such as aluminum, paraben, dies, sulfates and alcohol.

Health and well being of a person begins with a personal choice and this H2L kit is formulated with the finest ingredients that nourish the body and mind. Infused with natural oils and free from any synthetic dyes, H2L Complete Wet Shaving Kit for Men is perfection in shaving.

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10. Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set

Maison Lambert Shaving Kit Set is handmade in pure French Tradition.

This Shaving Set is chemical-free and no animals were tested while making this set.

Maison Lambert is made with Luxurious ingredients like organic argan oil, Jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera.


  1. Shaving Bowl: This set comes with a beautiful wood shaving bowl which will tidy up your shaving process. This shaving bowl is made with quality wood which will give it a long-lasting life.
  2. Shaving Soap: Our shaving soap is 100% organic and vegan. It perfectly produces the lather for a smooth shave.
  3. Pre Shave Oil: Our pre-shaving oil will make your beard smooth and will soften your hair for the perfect shaving experience.
  4. Badger Shaving Brush: Our shaving brush is made with 100% pure black badger hair and the handle is made with horn imitation. No animals were harmed in making these handles.
  5. After Shave Oil: Our aftershave oil will give your skin the perfect finish after shaving and it is 100% Chemical free and alcohol-free and organic.
  6. Shaving Stand: Our stand is made up of high-quality chrome and it will keep your brush and razor dry and organized.
  7. Safety Razor: Double-edged safety comes will clean your skin with perfect handling for shaving.

This Classic Shaving Kit is scented with 100% pure essential oils. The result is woody and warm scent after shaving. Our Classic Shaving Kit set is handcrafted carefully for men and its the perfect gift for them on any occasion.

Classic Shaving Kit Conclusion

Great Gift For Christmas, Birthdays and Father's Day

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Ok Ladies and Gentlemen that pretty much wraps up the most popular options to buy a good old fashion Classic Shaving Kit. If you have questions please leave a comment below.

I know I'm using the word "Old" but honestly this is the new modern way of shaving and it really is fun to do once you get the hang of it. I actually look forward to using all my "shaving tools" in the morning versus using the old plastic junk razors.

With that said, my favorite pick is the Masion Lambert kit. It literally has everything you need to get started in wet shaving from top to bottom. It looks super modern and classy. The products are high grade and very well made. Top that off with a bag to store it all in you really have everything you need. Super great option for beginners or old wet shavers who want something new!