Derby Double Edge Razor Blades For Men’s Safety Razors

June 3, 2019

Derby Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby Extra Double Edged Blades have been manufactured in Turkey since 1940 by a company called Azmusebat. These blades are made from hardened Swedish alloy steel and manufactured on cutting edge machinery, allowing them to receive a certification of ISO 9001.

Feature List

  • Made out of Swedish Hardened Steel
  • Stays sharp
  • Fits most double edged razors
  • Provides a clean, close and comfortable shave

A unique combination of chromium, ceramic, tungsten, and platinum is used to coat the blade in a technique called “sputtering”, which is a process of using high energy particles to deposit a thin film of materials onto the razor blades.

A final coating of Teflon is then used to reduce friction between the blade and the shaver’s face. Stringent quality control is adhered to insuring a highly uniform blade.

Derby Double Edge blades are individually wrapped in packages of five and have a slot on the back of the package to dispose of the used blades. They also have a thin web, enabling them to be broken in half to be used with a single edge razor. Due to the distinctive manufacturing process of “sputtering”, these blades are exceptionally uniform and provide the user with the “Three Cs” of shaving, (Clean, Close and Comfortable).

Customer Reviews on Derby Blade

These blades have over 1000 reviews by customers and they score a 4.4/5 stars. Most of the reviews were favorable, and individuals even preferred these over other blades including disposable cartridges. They cost less, have less post consumer waste and give a closer shave than other shaving systems. Here are some of the reviews.

Positive Comments:

  • A reviewer has been using these blades for about 4 years now in a standard safety razor, and states that it will give an equal or even closer shave to the Gillette Mach 3 that he used previously at a fraction of the cost.
  • Another user states that he has very thick facial hair, and when shaving every two to three days the Derby has no problem shearing through them.
  • This reviewer says that the blades are very consistent from one to the next. He goes on to say that the blades are gentle, do not maul him, and they get the job done.
  • A happy customer of Derby states that their blades are one of his smartest purchases ever he's ever made! He says that the Derby is a fine, sharp, well made and very smooth blade that will deliver five or 6 very comfortable shaves per blade. He says that this brings his cost down to just a couple of cents per shave, and he gets the biggest bang for his buck!

Negative Comments:

Some users had problems with the Derby Blades. Most had problems with nicks, cuts and razor burn. Others didn’t like the quality of the blades. Let’s take a look at the most critical of customers’ reviews.

  • One user states that the blades will get dull quickly, and he has the scars to show it.
  • Another user says that the blades are not sharp just out of the package. These were the first blades that he used when he started using safety razors, and he was not impressed.
  • Contradicting the positive review above, one reviewer stated that they blades were not very good for his coarse beard, and that he made a mistake by purchasing Derby.

Tools you need to get started.

  • Safety Razor
  • Blades
  • Shaving Brush and Cup
  • Soaps and Creams

Doubled edge classic shaving is gaining popularity. Classic wet shaving is a lost art but it is trending back into our culture. Fathers used to hand down the tips and tricks of a close, wet shave. Today, achieving the “Three Cs”, (Clean, Close and Comfortable) in a shave is much easier due to advanced technology and cutting edge products that have made their way to market.

Many men, however, still prefer the tried and true method of shaving with the classic safety razor, as can be seen by the reviews on There are several benefits to the classic wet shave. They include cost, less post consumer waste, and for many, a better shave. These men will argue that you don’t need a gang of 3 to 5 blades scraping your face at once; just a single blade will do for them.

There have been a lot of Derby Double Edged Blades sold, and most of the comments concerning them are favorable.

If you are interested in trying the traditional wet shave you would definitely give Derby Blades a try.

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