Best Safety Razor Blades In 2022

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My Favorite Go to Feather Razor Blades

When you are thinking about switching over to manual shaving from electric shavers you tend to get lost a bit on what safety razor to buy and which are the best double edge razor blades to start out with.  I'm going to cut right to the chase and list out the most popular double edge razor blades that skilled manual shavers use today.

  • One of the sharpest blades on the market
  • Manufactured with surgical precision
  • I get 10-15 shaves per blade
  • Very affordable
  • They Just Work Man

Searching for the best double edge razor blade is not an easy task. It’s actually similar to locating the Holy Grail. Besides, there is no exact criteria we can use to single out the best double edge razor blade that works well on all our skins.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to get what works well on your skin. With countless companies joining the bandwagon, it has even become harder to get what works better on your skin.

Feather blades are by far the sharpest and I have found that I can use one blade for a solid week without worrying about changing it. They are really cheap to buy.

Many men have no idea how to shave with double edge razors or think it’s old fashion. Despite all the advancements in disposable razors everyone is used to, double edge razor blade shaving has found a way to come back and is now becoming a very popular wet shaving option with men who are in the know!.

Top 10 Double Edge Razor Blades Comparison

Razors Blades Details
  • Best Safety Razor the Merkur 23c
  • Feather Blades
My Goto Blades
  • Buy Astra Razor Blades
  • Astra Platinum
  • Not as Sharp As Feather
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Great For Aggressive Razors
  • Been Popular for years
  • Merkur Razor Blades
  • Merkur Blades
  • Platinum Steel Blade
  • Use for any wet shaving experience
  • Backed By Popular German Manufacture
  • coated with telflon
  • Wilkinson Blades
  • Wilkinson Sword Classic Blades
  • Made In USA!
  • Stainless Steel
  • Triple Coated Chromium
  • Reduced Skin irritation
  • 100 7 O'clock blades green label
  • 100 7 O'clock Super Stainless (Russia)
  • Been Around a long time
  • Sharp and Aggressive
  • Green box comes from Russia
  • Personna blades
  • Personna Stainless Steel
  • For Thick beard hair
  • Aggressive Sharpness
  • Stainless Steel Surface
  • Each Blade is Wrapped
  • shark razor blades
  • Shark Super Chrome
  • Rust Proof Stainless Steel
  • Polymer Coasting to last long
  • Chrome Stainless Steel
  • ISO Certified Manufacture
  • Derby Razor Blades
  • Derby Extra DE
  • Made Out of Sweden
  • Sharp by not aggressive
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Harden Stainless Steel Edges
  • VIKINGS BLADE Swedish Blades
  • VIKINGS BLADE Swedish Razor Blades
  • For Medium to coarse hair
  • Semi Aggressive Blade
  • double wrapped for safety
  • More aggressive than Astra blades
  • Not as aggressive as feather
  • Parker Blades
  • Parker DE Blades
  • Stainless Steel
  • Honed several times
  • High Quality Premium Blades
  • Tungsten Coated
  • Been around since 1973

Best Double Edge Razor Blades Reviews

Lucky for you we have narrowed down the search on what are the best double edge razor blades you will want to by for wet shaving with a safety razor.

Are you shaving off a lot of hair every morning or just going for a regular trim? What’s the quality of your facial hair? Will it need a sharper blade? How sensitive is your skin? Also, how much are you willing to pay?

Don’t worry, though. This is shaving, after all, not chemistry. So, there’s no need to strain that brain of yours, over-thinking this whole thing.

That’s why we’re going to take a look at what we feel are the nominees, so to speak, for the best double-edged razor blade.
And it’s up to you to choose the one that you think will give the best performance in that bathroom of yours every day.

If you are new to wet shaving or even an experienced shaver looking for the best doubled edge razor blades to buy for your personal use you have landed on the right page.

We will cover the basics of manual shaving for the beginners, list out comparisons charts for the best de razors out there for you experienced men and give you some tips and tricks on how to get close shaves and stay nick free.

So, let’s look at our top rated DE blades to shave with below so you can see right up front what you choose from if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read everything about it.

So, these are the top rated blades to choose from above that will not steer you wrong at all. In all honesty, I would suggest trying all of them to see what works best for your face and style of double edge razor. The safety razor you are using can does make a difference, as some are more aggressive than others. I’ll touch on that more later.

Best Safety Razor Blades Review Section

1. Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

These are made in Japan by the Feather Company, with tremendous precision. They go to great lengths in making these blades as sharp as possible. They are one of the sharpest blades on the market for a close shave.

The same process and technology that is used to make the surgical blades are used to make feather blades. Professional surgeons trust these blades with people's lives every day in surgery should tell you about the quality of the blade and trust.

These blades will fit in any double edge safety razor as well. What makes theses DE blades one of the top performers is that they are Hi-Stainless Platinum coated down to a fraction of a millimeter for a close shave. A little practice may be needed if you are not used to this method of shaving. Can be used on a couple of days growth and doesn't blunt easily.

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Feather Blades Are My Favorite

So, if you are coming from the cheap disposable plastic razors or even from another De brand other than feather, you will find a nice surprise in using these blades in having a super close shave.

As these bad boys are sharp, I would throw out a warning for you inexperienced shavers. I found these to be really aggressive with my parker 99r which has a wide blade opening.

It is a heavy weighted safety razor with a think handle. So, I was putting the same pressure I was using with my merkur long handle razor. That ended up in a few more nicks that I wanted. Yes, beginners, even the experienced guys get nicks. ?

Anyways, I had to lighten up my stroke and change my technique a bit on the jaw line so the blade angle was not so aggressive to avoid it. I do not have this issue with my Merkur long handle razor though.

I still use both razors, but when I'm in a hurry I go for the merkur long handle because it's so light weight and I zip along like I would with a cheap disposable one. With all that said, I highly recommend the feather blades to anyone. Beginners, you are fine, just go with a light weight safety razor like I mentioned and you'll have no worries. If you want further information you can read my individual reviews below.

I'll show you where ou can purchase these sharp de blades that will save you a lot of money and you won't be disappointed.

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2. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Made in Russia by Gillette these blades fit all double edge/safety razors. The blades give a very smooth shave and are often used by professional barbers. Produced from the highest quality steel and are platinum coated for a smooth result.

All blades are individually wrapped in wax paper.
When comparing these to other blades, these come highly recommended. I would put the sharpness one notch under the feather blade. I could use these in any of my safety razors without having to change up my technique at all.

rarely get nicked with these. If I do, it's because I wasn't paying attention. ? I found that these will last 7-10  shaves for my facial hair.



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I really get a lot of use out of them. You can easily use these in an aggressive safety razor as well knowing it will be really sharp but you won't get any nicks because it's too sharp.

Just a quick note. The name came from the original company name Czech Astra Company. It was then bought by Gillette who then merged with proctor and gamble. They decided to keep the name after it was all said and done. So, honestly, it's still made by the famous Gillette blade group.

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3. Wilkinson Sword Classic – Made in Germany

Wilkinson Sword originated in the late 1950's in the United States. They started out with a classic stainless steel blade which turned into a huge success. Over the years they have improved the blades with new technology.

The blades are triple coated using chromium, to resist corrosion, they added ceramic for more durability and PTFE for reduced skin irritation. This new combination makes the new blades last longer than the original stainless steel blades.

They are made to fit any double edged safety razor and can be snapped in half and used in a cut throat razor. These blades are excellent value for the money and great on your skin for a smooth shave.

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4. Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades

If you have been manual shaving for any length of time it won't come as a surprised to you that Merkur has it's own set of razor blades. The Solingen Germany company puts out well know safety razors and shaving products. With their razor blades they went with a stainless steel platinum blade that is finely ground and coated with Teflon.

These are a set of blades that you could consider using. This is a German-produced product, which should tell you a lot already about its efficiency. The Merkur-Razor gives you a consistent shave each and every time you use it, lasting for roughly two weeks of use.


If you want a sharper blade, you should invest in these.  Its stainless steel make and comfortable feel are the tipping point, as well as its low price.

Make sure they say platinum on it so your know you have their official blade and not some knock off. The Merkur blades will last 3-5 shaves with a thick coarse beard and 5-10 with a thin hair beard.

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5. Derby Extra Blades

Then, we have the Derby Extra Blades. These double-edged blades hail from Sweden, where they are made with stainless steeland with the intent of fitting all safety razors. But, do you want to know the secret of how they’re made?

They are hardened and ground through the use of advanced equipment for cutting edges, which are deposited with chromium ceramic, tungsten, and platinum. That should give the Derby Extra a few extra points, shouldn’t it? (See, what we did there?) In the end, the making of it strengthens its edge as well as gives it a longer shelf life. Did we mention that these blades are reasonably priced, too?

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Product features

  • Supports many razor brands
  • Coated with polymer to last longer
  • It’s a premium quality blade
  • The chrome stainless steel makes it rustproof
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6. Personna Stainless Steel Razor Blades

Do you have a thick hair? Personna Stainless Steel should be your go-to blade. This blade effortlessly glides through any tough hair in short time. If you are a newbie or have skin issues (a delicate skin) you might want to try other alternatives. Personna is a bit aggressive on individuals with a sensitive skin.

The blades comes in two main colors, red and blue. They are cheap and last long when you buy in bulk.

Razor Blade Product Features

  • Rustproof stainless steel surface
  • Each package consists of 100 blades
  • Each blade is wrapped in a light paper covering
  • Compatible with DE razors
  • Madie in the USA

What are its pros?

  • Its reasonably priced
  • They work perfectly with most razors hence no need to look for an additional.
  • They are sharp and provide a nick-free close shave
  • The 100 blades save you a lot of money
  • Its manufactured by a company that is highly esteemed for producing safe shaving products

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6. Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blades

Polsilver may be less known but they are one of the sharpest and cheapest blades in the market. They may be on the same level with any blade you think to be excellent. They can easily slice through any kind of hair leaving your face looking as clean as a reflective surface. Since they don’t have a cult following, it might be a bit tricky to come across them.

Product features

  • Has a rustproof stainless steel surface
  • Its manufacture under very high standards
  • Very sharp like feather but a bit cheaper


  • It’s fairly priced
  • Can last a whole week without losing its sharpness. Most blades last about two-three days
  • Provides a clean shave without rashes

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7. Shark Super Chrome

Shark is one of the popular blades in the market with a growing following. They are sharp and durable with a rustproof stainless steel. They come in a pack of 100 blades at a pocket friendly price-probably one of the reasons many people buy them. So, if you like cheaper blades that you can use and discard quickly, Shark is your answer.


  • Shark blades are cheaper
  • Mostly comes in a package of 100 blades
  • They are environment friendly
  • Provides a smooth, professional shave
  • Made in ISO-Certified facilities

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8. Gillette 100 7 O'clock Super Stainless

100 7 O’clock super stainless is one of the durable, rust-free and sharpest blades on the market. A single batch comes with 100 blades that provide a closer, nick-free shave. With these blades, you don’t need to worry about looking for a new razor as they work perfectly with the conventional designs.

Product features

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • As the name suggest, its package of 100 blades
  • Has a stainless steel surface
  • Made in Russia
  • Just as sharp as Feather blades.


  • Works perfectly with many razors out there
  • Provide a clean, close shave
  • They are made a company that believes in quality
  • They are not expensive
  • Have been in DE shaving for along time.

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9. Razor Blades Club Razor Blade Sampler

This is a sampler DE  razor blade pack containing 15 different brands to fit different double edge safety razors. A great pack for those new to wet shaving to find the blade that suits you best as everybody has different thickness of hair and skin sensitivity. What nice about this is that you can personal try them to see what works for your face and even try it in various razors as well if you have more than one like I do. There are 2 of each blade so you have 30 total to use.


For the guys out there who might be looking for an upgrade in their safety razor and you love the feather blades, I would highly suggest checking out feather's own top of the line safety razor here. It's one of the best combination shaving sets out there and top of the line quality.

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Buying Decisions For DE Razor Blades

Before the invention of safety razors, most folks used cartridge or disposable razors that were utterly unsafe. The user would either end up with a rough-patched skin or burns all over the face. That’s when necessity resulted in double edge razor blades being made. However, with countless companies joining the bandwagon, it has even become harder to get what works better on your skin.

Let’s look at a few of the main factors you want to consider when you are buying double edge blades so you can get into the right mindset when buying your next set.

Your Experience Level

1. Beginners

So if you are brand new to wet shaving with a safety razor then you want to go for a blade that is not as aggressive or sharp. I won’t feed you line of bull here. It is not really straightforward on which one to pick here that is not aggressive. You could safely go with Astra blades and be just fine where feather blades would be consider to be sharper.

2. Skilled Wet Shavers

Ok for you guys, you need to consider what safety razor you will be using. If you have an aggressive SR then you might want to go with the Astra blade or Wilkinson blade. For example, when I use my Merkur 180 long handle I go with an aggressive feather blade. When I use my Parker 99r I drop down to an Astra blade.

Also, to note here is that your experience level has a lot to do with what you use. You could be a long time shaver and have awesome technique. In this case you could take my 99r and use the feather blade with no issue where I would because my technique is not as refined.

Type Safety Razor You Can Use

1. Aggressiveness

As I just gave an example of how the safety razor can make a difference in what blade you buy, let’s expand on it more.   Different DE razors have blade gaps that expose more or less of the blade to your skin.

This is where people new to the art of manual shaving get steered the wrong way. If you buy an aggressive razor like the Muhle R41 that has an open comb bar or more of a gap to expose the blade, you could get yourself in trouble using it right out of the gate.

Your technique is going to be bad and you will most likely nick yourself. They would be better off with a close comb safety razor like the Merkur long handle or Edwing Jagger DE89LBl.

2. Weight of the Razor

Ok, how in the world does the weight of the razor help determine with blade I buy. Well, if you end up with a heavy razor, you generally don’t have to press as hard on your face to get a close shave. Again technique comes into play here. When I switch over to heavier DE razor I go with a blade I know that is not as sharp for my liking personally.

Now when I use one of my lighter safety razor models I’ll go with my sharpest de razor blade because I know I can get away with it. I also know I can press a bit hard too and not get any nicks or cuts on my face.

Cost and Saving Money

DE Blades are Cheaper

So, here is one of the big reasons men switch over to double edge razor blades from cheap disposable blades. You can literally buy a 50 pack of blades that will last you months!   In this same time frame you would have bought expensive replacement cartridges multiple times for 3 times the price.  You might have done what I would have done which is  buy a new cheap razor each time.  I would throw the other one away I had because the Gillette replacement cartridges were so expensive. It was cheap to buy a new razor that came with 1 extra cartridge.

Here is another example. Say you have a pack of 50 feather razor blades that each blade last 7 days before you switch it out and you shave EVERY DAY.   So, that means we would need to use 4 blades per much basically.

So, 50 pack of DE blades , using 4 blades a month, would literally last you 12 months. You just cannot beat that avg price per 50 pack of blades vs buying the expensive Gillette disposable blades.

Buying Factors for Double edge Razor Blades

The best blade should be able to provide you with a clean, close shave that is irritation free. To single out the best blade(s) the following factors will help you out.

  1. Duration- the best double edge blade should successfully see you through three shaves. So, if you find one that takes you through 5-7 days of shaving, stick with it. If you have a coarse hair, your blades will become dull very fast.
  1. Sharpness- our needs vary a lot based on our skin. If you have a tough hair and a good skin, a sharper blade might work well with you. If you have an extremely sensitive skin, or a soft hair, a sharper blade might be aggressive on your skin. You need to choose a blade that is more forgiving on your skin.
  1. Price - Generally, a single blade should cost you a few cents to a dollar depending with the brand or the place you are buying from. If you buy them in bulk, you will save a lot. If you are not sure what blade is best for you, you can buy several to experiment with.

Once again, it’s pretty hard to single out the best blade. Since I’m going to outline for you some of the best blades on the market, I have to warn you that the numbering means nothing. Each blade works differently on each person. You may like a sharper blade but another person will say it causes irritation or it’s aggressive on their skin. Other factors like the shaving cream or soap, the hardness of water and the type of the razor used may affect the efficiency of a blade.

How to get the best shave with double edge razor blades

Unless you are a newbie, I believe you may have used a razor blade before. There is nothing new. However, for the sake of freshmen, I will go over some steps that you can follow to get a close, nick-free shave with most of the double edge razor blades.

What you will need:

  • Your preferred razor blade
  • Facial scrub
  • Daily face wash
  • Aftershave balm
  • Hair shave brush

Shaving Process:

  1. Prep your beard - Your beard needs to be soft before you start clearing them. Use a hot water towel on your beard for about 30 seconds or take a shower to make them soft and hydrated.
  2. Lather up - Lather up your entire shaving region with adequate amount of shaving cream. Use a shaving brush to spread the cream through swirling motions.
  3. Shave - You need some basic skills to use the safety razor well. Once you have your preferred razor and blade, it should take you a few minutes to get your hair clipped.

For a successful shaving, you need to do the following;

  • Hold the razor at a proper angle-usually 30 degrees
  • Shave towards the direction of your hair growth, not against
  • Stretch the skin with your finger to get a flat surface for the razor to glide over easily
  • The neck region, particularly the Adam’s apple region might need some extra caution because the hair doesn’t grow in one direction.
  • Pass the blade several times across your face but do not apply a lot of pressure on it. Let the blade’s weight do the work for you.
  • Rinse your entire face with some cold water to close the skin’s pores. Clean yourself with a towel and apply some aftershave to minimize chances of your skin developing some irritation.

This is the ideal way to shave; one that your grandpa would be proud of. If you can, try to use natural shaving products instead of the chemical laden products.

Quick Tip For Making The Blade Last Longer

One last thing that I highly recommend that will take a little more time but is worth it is to take your blade out after shaving and dry off the moisture. Then put a thin coat of baby oil on it which will help prevent rust and it will keep your blade sharper which will allow you to extend the number of shaves you can get out of the razor.

In Summary

There you have it: all of the top nominees for the best double-edged razor blades. Now, how do you go about choosing? Sometimes, it’s all down to trial and error. After all, you can’t really say which movie is the best until you watch them all.

So, you might not be able to say which blade is the best until you try them all or, at the very least, dabble until you find the one that was just made for you. If you’d like, you could also try them all by purchasing a sample pack from Amazon that contains 40 different double-edged blades, individually sealed and packed.

Start with some of the best blades out there and grab a pack of feather blades below to get started.

Don't forget to check out other popular articles I have wrote here on shaving soap reviewsbest safety razors for menthe best straight razorbest shaving brushes for men as well.  Whatever your decision may be, good luck and happy shaving.


  1. Leon on September 2, 2018 at 10:40 am

    I went through a sample pack of 50 de razor blades and ended up liking the Wilkinson Sword Classic the best for my beard. For me personally I found it did not nick my face and I was able to get a close shave with them. They last around 7-10 shaves before I replace my blade. My 2nd choice is astra blades. I know everyone says that the best safety razor blades are feather but they were just to sharp for me personally. I’ll give them a try again once I get another few months under my belt. Great review and thanks for the help!

    • Eric on September 4, 2018 at 8:33 pm

      Glad you found a razor blade that works for you Leon. I always suggest to my friends who see me using the old style razor as they call it to try a sample pack. I usually just give them a few of my extra astra and feather blades to give they a chance to try a wide range in sharpness. Wilkinson Sword Classics were great by the way. I used them in more aggressive safety razors.

  2. Leon on September 3, 2018 at 1:37 am

    Hey I don’t see you mention anything about Kai safety razor blades. I would consider these just as sharp as the feather blades and it really should make the list of the best double edge razor blade review here.

  3. John on September 4, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    I’ve been a user of regular Gillette mach3 that uses 3 blades better than the fusion 5 with 5 blades. So, a friend of mine who uses a merkur safety razor recommend that I give a try. So, I went home with a Merkur long handle and a 5 pack of merkur blades. I used my regular shaving foam and I can tell you after my third time trying it I love it! I messed up the first two times, but my buddy gave me some tips on holding the safety razor handle at 30 degrees and bam I was in business. So, I wanted to say things for the review and I am not a wet shaving dude using the Merkur 23 using astra platinum double edge safety razor blades as my go to now!

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