Edwin Jagger de89bl Safety Razor Review

June 3, 2019

Edwin Jagger de89bl Safety Razor

There's a reason why your grandfather, his father, and his father before him all looked amazingly well-groomed and classier than the men of our time - they had a much better shave. Believe it or not, these men actually got a closer, smoother shave than you ever have with your fancy, "top-of-the-line" Gillette razor.

Feature List

  • Handle is Chrome Coated
  • 3.7 Inches Long and 2.2 oz heavy
  • Excellence Balance and Weight
  • Fits almost all DE blades
  • Extremely popular

How? Using a much simpler, yet more effective, tool called a double edge safety razor.

That's right, those metal handles with a double edge razor blade on them did a much better job than your 20-blade, twin turbo, light-up model. Want to know a secret? They still outperform the most popular razors even today.

The Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor is perfect for a beginner. Below we're going to provide details of this model, explain why it's better than your shaver, and more

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Razor Review

It's not easy to find a safety razor these days. Most people believe they're just outdated pieces of junk that are now just collectible memorabilia of the past. Well, that isn't true, but, thanks to the big corporations, that is what the majority of men and women believe to be true.

Safety razors never wore out their welcome, though. In fact, if you switch to one today you'll probably be shocked to realize that not only can they give you a much better shave than your current modern razor, but they're also a much greener alternative.

Edwin Jagger's DE89bl safety razor is a modern marvel. With an incredibly accurate head, a sturdy, chrome-coated handle, and devilish-good looks this razor offers superb balance, close shaves, and more bang for your buck than any razor you've ever owned. It gets ridiculously close with every stroke, doesn't irritate the skin, and it's built to last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Don't want to take our word for how awesome this safety razor is? No worries, we understand your skepticism. There's light at the end of the tunnel, though. If you'd like a second opinion of this product you can find many real customer reviews for the Edwin Jagger DE89bl online.

This is an extremely popular razor over on Amazon. The product listing for this model on Amazon has hundreds of reviews posted on it. From those the DE89bl has achieved a very high star rating.

This means that the vast majority of people that have purchased this razor are very satisfied with their purchase and have gotten great results using it.
A ton of people have stated that this is their absolute favorite safety razor even after years of regular use. They claim that it works great for getting a smooth, clean shave, lasts forever (even resisting common issues such as rust), and it even looks fantastic sitting on the bathroom counter.

The only complaints that have come up are in regard to its short and slick handle. Unfortunately, the handle doesn't feature any texture or grip whatsoever so, once it becomes wet, it can be a tad slippery to hold.

So that means if you do shave in the shower than you want to go with a model like the parker 99r that has a grip on the handle. Other than that, though, the product has received many rave reviews.

Feature of DE89bl

Blade Type

This is a double-edge blade unit that is best used for wet shaving. For those that aren't familiar with this terminology, wet shaving is a classic shaving technique that involves using a double-edged razor, shaving soap or cream, a brush, and some after-shave. You simply get your face wet, usually by taking a shower, lather up our soap or cream onto your brush, brush the substance onto your face, and begin making your passes.


There are 5 double-edged blades included with this Edwin Jagger safety razor. This model is compatible with most double-edge blades from companies like Shark, Astra, Feather, and Derby.

Depending on the quality and quantity of blades you purchase, the price will vary. Some blades can be as cheap as $3 while larger packs of sharper, more durable blades can cost as much as $40 per pack.

Handle Construction

The handle on the Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor is composed of a tubular brass coated with a chrome exterior. It does have a decent amount of weight to it, allowing for easy, smooth passes, but it is not as heavy-duty as some other safety razors from other companies. The handle is a little short on this unit, too. Overall, though, it is high-quality, easy to use, and helps give an even, close shave.

Ready To Buy?

Here is a razor you can not go with and with all the customer reviews being so positive you know other men are loving this razor. Remember its really simple to change the razor, has a bit of weight to it so you don't have to press hard, looks awesome with the chrome finish, especially hanging on a chrome stand.

Hey we get to hog the bathroom a bit too! We can't let the women have the whole thing ya know!  The link below will take you to check out discounted prices on it and you can always read more customer reviews there too. Enjoy!

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