Edwin Jagger Hair Shaving Brush For Men

Edwin Jagger Hair Shaving Brush

Most men are obsessed with the idea of a perfect shave, and it is quite understandable. The reason is that a perfectly done shave compliments the personality of a man. Well, you can only get a flawless shave when you have the perfect shaving tools. This means that you just cannot compromise on the quality of a shaving brush.
The truth is that you will find many shaving brushes that boast of giving great results, but all are not so good. If you want to select the best shaving brush, then your choice has to be Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Nickel Plated Collar and End Cap. Read the complete review to get a detailed insight about this shaving brush.

A Quick Word on the manufacturer

When you are looking for a reliable shaving brush brand, then the first name that comes to your mind is Edwin Jagger. This company has been producing quality shaving tools. The key objective of this company is customer satisfaction, and this is why their shaving brushes are a symbol of great quality.

About Edwin Jagger Hair Shaving Brush

This shaving brush has pure 100 percent badger hair and a knot size of 21mm. You will be able to make great shaving lather using this shaving brush. Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush is nickel plated. This shaving brush is available in a fabulous packing.


When you have just got hold of a new shaving brush, then you have to follow this technique to get the maximum benefit. You should first wash a new badger hair brush with dawn soap. You should make sure that you soak this shaving brush in dawn soap and water for a few hours. When the shaving brush has soaked for a few hours, then you should remove it from the bowl of soap and water.

The excess water should be removed. You should try to build the lather on your shaving brush and allow it to sit for a night. Next, you need to wash off the lather from the shaving brush, and your shaving brush is all set for the next shave.


Some Vital Q &A’s From the Consumers

Q: Is this shaving brush durable?

A: The answer is yes. This shaving brush is manufactured by one of the best brands Edwin Jagger, so it is a worthwhile investment.

Q: Is this shaving brush worth the price?

A: You may find this shaving brush a bit expensive, but you will get superb quality so you will not regret spending on this shaving brush.

Recaps of the Pros

The following is a list of benefits that you will get with this shaving brush.


  • The biggest quality about Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush is that it produces excellent lather and feels smooth along the face.
  • You will not see this shaving brush losing hair quickly. You may experience a bit of brush hair loss in the initial stages of use, but this will eventually stop.
  • The bristles are just ideal. You will neither find the bristles too soft and neither too stiff.
  • This shaving brush has a perfect weight, and you will be able to hold this shaving brush in your hand with comfort.

It will be better if the manufacturer can reduce the cost a bit because then it will fit the budget of most people easily and they will be keen to buy this Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush is a must buy because it is a perfect choice. Shaving will become a fun regime when you use this shaving brush on a regular basis. The best part is that it will last long unlike the cheap counterparts.  Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush is an exemplary product and truly lives up to the expectation of the customers so you should not miss it by any means for sure. You can always look further if you want something different in our article on top rated shaving brushes.