Escali Shaving Brush Review

Importance of Using The Escali Shaving Brush

Every man wants to look good. Whether it is in your private life for a first date or special occasion, or in your working life for an important meeting or job interview, the aim of every man is to look good. By looking good, men appear confident and capable – two things that are essential in succeeding in any aspect of life.

The trick to looking good can come in many forms depending on your style and the situation that you are in, but not many things can better boost the appearance of a man than that of a clean shaven face. Not only does it add a sense of professionalism and cleanliness to a man’s overall appearance, it also helps to make a man appear more youthful in age.

However, there is a danger with the clean shaven look. This danger lies within the actually shaving process itself. If not done properly, the use of a shaving blade or razor can leave a face looking the exact opposite of good. This is why the use of a shaving brush is so vital in the shaving process as it ensures that your shave goes as smoothly as possible.

In saying this, it is important that you not only choose the best quality brush, but one that is also the best value. Below is a review of the escali which is  one of the leading shaving brushes on the market today.

The Escali Pure Badger Shaving Brush

The Escali shaving brush works to deliver exactly what you would want in a shaving brush – that being the generation of a rich and full lather. This brush works to soften the existing hair on your face while also lifting it as you apply the lather. These two factors are key in providing a smooth shave.

The Escali also works to exfoliate your skin as the lather is being applied. This is achieved by the pure badger bristles that make up the head of this shaving brush. These bristles are soft enough to be comforting on your face, yet also firm enough to both allow for the absorption of a rich lather as well as the exfoliation of your face. The end result of this is that not only do you get a thorough shave, you also remove any excess dirt or skin that may have accumulated on you lower face.

The handle of this Escali brush has been specifically designed to accommodate the grip of a man and its smooth finish means that it is a genuine pleasure to use. This brush fits any generic shaving brush holder which means that it can be easily stored away once finished with.

 What the Customers Have Been Saying

Overall, the reviews and customer feedback concerning this brush have been very positive. Below I have listed some of the top aspects of this brush that people have mentioned in online forums and on buyer websites:

Brush softens up relatively quickly a criticism that many men have with shaving brushes is that in the beginning they can be very tough and rigid, even coarse. This can then lead to an unpleasant feel on your skin. The Escali brush, however, due to its use of pure badger hair, softens up after just a few uses. This means that it quickly becomes rather comfortable to rub on ones face.

Holds lather exceptionally well this is the real key behind a top end shaving brush. The ability to hold the shaving cream on the bristles is essential for the shaving process or else the whole thing is pointless. The use of badger hair is again key in keeping the lather compact as you transfer it to your face.

 Does not lose bristles this is another key problem that men have with brushes. In many inferior brushes, the bristles can easily become detached and loose which will make for a messy shave and a short lived brush. This is not the case with the Escali as its design ensures that its bristles remain intact for the long run. It is important to note, though, that in the first weeks of use it is perfectly natural for a few bristles to become loose from the head and then fall out. This is simply the bristles that have not been glued in to the base.

Clever, stylish handle the use of a wooden handle in the Escali brush really has gone down very well with men all over the world. There is just something about a wooden finish that screams class and style! The fact that the brush’s handle has also been constructed to perfectly fit a man’s grip is just another benefit of this product.

 Recap of the Pros

  • Made from guaranteed 100% pure badger bristles
  • Works effortlessly to create a rich, full lather – perfect for shaving
  • Also exfoliates your skin by removing any dead skin cells from your face
  • Handle has been designed to provide a perfect grip for the user
  • Best Seller status on amazon

Final Verdict

To put it simply, the Escali pure badger shaving brush is a top quality product that comes in at a very reasonable price. It supplies everything that you would want in a shaving brush and also looks great whilst it is doing so.

Whether you are a veteran at shaving via a razor or blade, or you are new to the method, a shaving brush is key to the overall success of the process. The Escali shaving brush will further ensure this success as it provides a perfect tool for you to begin your shaving. You can view more reviews on shaving brushes here or Get the best seller here discounted on amazon