Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor

A clean and rash free shave makes any man proud of his looks. Unfortunately, many razors you come across not only leave you skin with bumpy spots but have poor designs as well. It’s time to ditch such razors and try something better like the Evahs safety razor.

  • Double-Edged Head Design (1.6" wide)
  • Long, Chrome Handle  4.25 inches long
  • Weights 114 grams
  • Non-slip handle grip
  • Comes with Two (2) Platinum Blades
  • Smoother, Closer Shave
  • Balanced Weight and Finish
  • Less Skin Irritation
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor meets all the standards of a modern razor. The weight of the head and the handle is well calibrated such that a light stroke is enough to give you a  clean shave. The handle is long enough, and it’s replaceable. This gives you an opportunity to put another handle that fits and feels good in your hands.

Material-wise, this razor appears to be made of light weight copper and zinc, but it’s not flimsy. Its surface glitters and its seems to be rust proof. The packaging doesn’t disappoint either; its glimmering look makes it a perfect gift you can send to any special person.

Why buy Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor over countless other options?

Some of the reasons that make this blade a better purchase include:

  • It is eco-friendly. None of its parts is made of plastic
  • It has a beautiful package making it a perfect gift for a special someone.
  • Provides a close shave with minimal to no burns.
  • You get to save some bucks by replacing blades instead of buying new razors
  • Comes with two durable platinum coated blades that give you a clean shave for many days.
  • Lightweight but strong enough to get the job done.


Clean water and shaving lather are all you need to get started. The blades are very sharp, so you need to be cautious when shaving and replacing the blades.


Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor is available on many online platforms including Amazon. The price will vary depending on the place you buy from.

Rating and reviews

As I pen down this review, there are very high reviews of this razor. This is a pretty impressive performance. It's far better than most other double edged razors on Amazon. Here is what the top critic said about this product.

“I have use so many razors; both DE and SE. however, this one appears to be comfortable in hands and delivers a smooth shave with no rash or ingrown stubbles. Just a single pass around my neck region is always enough to give me an impressive look.

The manufactures of this product did an absolutely great job making it. I made a few changes on it though; I replaced the handle with shorter one. I find it easy to maneuver the blade when the handle is short. Nevertheless, Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor is a great asset to add to your grooming kit. I have a feeling you will like it too”


There are many razors out there and surely, they can get the job done. However, some of them are not safe and make your chin look like it’s been stung by a million wasps or bees. Some don’t just give a clean shave no matter how many moves you make.

Evahs  Razor, on the other hand, gives you a cleaner and safer shave in a matter of minutes. You can replace the handles with whatever you like for perfect handling.

This is just the razor you might have been looking for. Go and grab one for yourself Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor

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