Feather Razor Blades - Sharpest Out There


Feather Razor Blades

Feather double edge razor blades are one of the best and sharpest blades out there. I find that I get the most shaves out of them per blade. You won't go wrong using these blades whatsoever.

  • Really Sharp Blades
  • Made with Surgical Precision
  • Each Blade last 10-15 Shaves
  • Very Affordable
  • They Work Period!

Personal Search For Finding The Best Blades

If you are searching for one of the best double-edge razor blades on the market or specifically looking for feather double-edge razor blades, you have come to the right place.

Feather blades are one of the sharpest in the industry and are made with the same technology and equipment as surgical blades. They are stainless steel platinum coated, ready to make you the smoothest closest shave possible.

I know there are so many double edge blades to choose from. It can be confusing to pick the right blade! I have tried Derby, shark, Wilkinson sword classics, and the Astra platinum blades. How in the heck does a guy know which one to buy?

Well, I bought a sample pack and tried them all. I will say they all work and are all a good buy, but there are some differences.

Features Of Feather Razor Blades

Now when I used my Merkur long handle with the feather blades, I didn't have any issues, and it had a nice close shave because I could press down a bit harder, which got me in trouble with my 99r.

Again this is a technique here, so please take that for what it is worth. If you are experienced, you are probably chuckling that you have been there and done that, and you will love these blades for how sharp they are. 🙂

  • They arevery sharp and smooth
  • Last 8-15 shaves, depending on the beard
  • Made with the same advanced equipment as surgical blades
  • Inexpensive
  • The highest grade of stainless steel
  • Works with any double-edge safety razor
  • Individually wrapped in hermetically sealed paper

How Feather De Razor Blades Are Made

Feather Safety Razor Co. has made stainless steel double-edge razor blades since 1964. That is decades of experience that have allowed them to create blades of the highest quality and precision. They not only make feather blades but also specialize in straight razors and razors for surgery.

So the de-feather blades will be made with the same precision and technology as the surgical blades. Their advanced facility and technology produce the quality and sharpness you will look for in a close shave.

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Feather Double Edge Razor Blades Usage

When packaged, each blade is sealed tightly in a coated piece of paper to keep you from cutting yourself and to help prolong its storage lifespan.
You unpack the Feather Razor Blades and place them in your double-edge razor blade.

I take my old blade and put it back in the coated paper before throwing it away. It gives me peace of mind nobody will get cut when throwing it away. I have these personally. I tend to get 8-15 uses out of them. You can go more. From reading around in the forums, amazon, and other eCommerce sites selling feather razor blades, the standard number of uses is between 5-10. You can pick up a pack below for a significant discount.

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Safety Razor Makes a Difference in Blades

First and foremost, the actual safety razor you are using will make a difference and your experience level. My Merkur long-handle safety razor was less aggressive than my Parker 99r safety razor. So, I found I would get more nicks with the 99r vs. the long handle. Part of the reason is more blade exposure with my Parker 99r safety razor.

I don't have that issue with Merkur because it has less of the blade showing, making it safer and easier to use for me to use with the feather razor blades.

Shaving Experience or Technique

My technique sucked when I first started. So, I had to shave around my cheekbones and below my chin carefully. I found my first self not getting the right angle to get a close shave and nicking myself. After about 3 weeks of practice, I finally figured it out. 2 1/2 years later, I am just as fast as I used to be with disposable razors.

My actual goto combination now is the Merkur 180 with feather blades. The razor is light and long, and the blades are sharp. It's just a perfect combination for me.

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Are Feather Blades Beginner Friendly?

There was a mixed view here. My honest opinion is that if you have a doubled-edge razor like the Merkur long handle that is not aggressive, you can use these without any worries.

It all comes down to your type of de razor and how aggressive it is. Yes, a beginner's technique will not be perfect, and you might get a few nicks, but I would not stray away from using them immediately if your safety razor has a broad blade opening which means it will be using more of the blade to shave your face.

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Customer Reviews

guy using de bladesThere are thousands of customer reviews for the feather-doubled edge razor blades on Amazon. That alone tells you just how popular these blades are and how many customers like them to shave their faces daily. There are also a lot of repeat buyers here as well here which is a sign of a great product as well that you can trust using.

I liked this one comment about a guy starting a new job and having to start shaving again. He decided to join the DE razor club and was worried about what to start with. He had heard how ninja sharp the feather blades are, so he went with a sample pack that also had a derby brand.

He started with the derby razors as a beginner, and it was fine after 5 shaves. After that, he went to the feather, could not believe how much smoother his shave was, and didn't see any issues. People talked about them being so ninja sharp you might nick yourself. So, in this case, a new started with them and loved them.

A long-time user of feather double-edge razor blades was 61, reporting that he switched over after years of using Astra blades and couldn't believe how much closer of a shave he had with the feathers and didn't plan on returning.

I use them, and I like them as well. As mentioned above, your technique as a double edge shaver guy is to perfect your technique over time. Coupling that with the type of safety razor you have can make a difference in when you get any nicks. So, I recommend this without any reservations at all.

Before we leave this review I wanted to point out that the feather company has an awesome shaving kit set that you can purchase one of their best safety razors and a pack of feather blade combination here if you are in the need of a new razor and blades. You can view it below.

Pros & Drawbacks


These are incredibly sharp and provide a smooth and close shave, as many users, including myself, have commented on. They also last longer than most of the blades as well. So as cheap as these blades are and considering the number of uses each blade will go, these are more cost-effective than any disposable razor.

They have been on the market for a long time and are a trusted brand you can rely on and have confidence in. Their years of experience, the advanced technology they use, and their facilities allow them to be a leader in this industry.

You might get minor nicks depending on how good you are or aggressive your safety razor is. I was using a Parker 99r which I consider to be aggressive. I did not have the best technique when I started. So, I had to personally adjust the pressure on my cheekbone areas and slow down, shaving my throat area. When I went too fast, I would get a few nicks. Live and learn. That is part of the fun of double-edge shaving, though; it's an art and takes practice.

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Feather Blade Price

From what I have seen, you can look for eCommerce sites reselling them or at Amazon for the best discounted razor blade price. The price varies based on how many you order. You can order as low as 5 to 100 in a package at a time.

Click here to get the best pricing on your new blades here at Amazon

If, for some reason, this is just not what you are looking for, you can look at my double-edge razor blade reviews here if you want more options. I can tell you from personal experience that these are the sharpest, and after everything I have tried, I always return to these.