Gobetter Deluxe Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Gobetter Deluxe Double Edge

Technology is changing very quickly. The Ox-drawn carts that our great grandfathers used to ride in have been replaced by fast-moving cars. Some of the products Henry Ford considered “latest” are now obsolete. The same changes have taken place in the men’s grooming world.

Feature List

  • Chrome plated and has an attractive look.
  • 2 piece razor design
  • Considerable weight, quite sturdy.
  • The handle’s texture guarantees a firm grip.
  • A simple twist opens its door making the blade changing process quite simple.
  • Comes with five stainless steel blades that give a close, clean shave.
  • No irritation, hence good for individuals with sensitive skins.
  • Its design exudes admiration.
  • Provides a closer and cleaner shave.
  • Easy to clean.
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The safety razors that were widely used in the 1880s lost its fanfare when the electric razor was introduced. However, the trend changed as many people went back to using safety razors like the Gobetter Deluxe Double Edge Safety Razor.

The best razors are determined by their weight, balance, and handle. All these three factors play a role in ensuring a smooth shave without nicks and cuts. Gobetter Deluxe Double Edge Safety Razor and others have moderate weight and perfect balance that makes shaving a less strenuous activity.

Their weight is heavy enough to deliver the cut without the need to press hard and light enough to avoid cutting yourself.

Its handle is replaceable to if you want a shorter or longer handle. Some people like to change the handle to wood or antique material so you can make this razor your own.


    The Package also comes with:

  • The Razor packed in Gift Box
  • Five Long Lasting Chrome Stainless Steel Blades

How does it perform?

To begin with, Gobetter Deluxe Double Edge Safety Razor is a high-quality razor that is fairly priced. It gives a great shave like many other distinguished DE (double edge) razors. Just two passes and your skin will be as smooth as an egg. It’s a solid choice for anyone who longs for a better product that gives him a look he’ll be proud of.

If you have the tendency to cut yourself often, this product is for you. Its micro-comb system has been designed to protect you from accidental cuts. The shiny chrome plating makes it easier to clean it and rarely rusts.

Rating and reviews

Reviews and rating speak much about the product than what the manufacturing company has to say. Most of the reviews this product has received so far are awesome.   Here is what one of the top reviewers had to say about this product:

“This is my first DE razor to use. I have been using a cartridge razor for my shaving needs and it always took longer, and it was damn expensive. I picked this product hoping it would be better and it was excellent. It’s actually cheaper than what I was using before, and it gives a closer and cleaner shaving. The extra five blades that it comes with are super sharp and efficient.”


Gobetter Deluxe Double Edge Safety Razor is available online from many dealers including Amazon. Expect the price to vary depending with the store you buy from.

Is it worth my money?

As I wrap up this review, I would tell you what Nike likes to tell its clients. Just do it. Gobetter Deluxe is far better than conventional DE razors. It gives you a closer cleaner and rash free shave without really applying much pressure on your face. The price is very affordable and definitely on the lower end of safety razor prices.

The texture on its handle is bathroom-friendly- even with wet hands, a firmer grip can be achieved. Above all, the butterfly door on it gives you an easier time to chance the blades and continue with your shaving. So, I would say, this solid product is worth the money you’ll shelve out.

For the Gobetter Deluxe Razor you can see the best price on Amazon here

There are higher priced safety razors here that we talked about if you are wanting something on the higher end of the scale. I also always recommend everyone to check out old faithful which is the Merker 180 safety razor just because it works so dang good, it's for new wet shavers or long time wet shavers.