Tips On How To Make Your Razors Last Longer

Shaving every day can be a pain in the rear end and is one of the necessary evils you have to do daily to keep good hygiene to look your best. One disadvantage of shaving everyday is that you will go through a lot of razor blades over time and that can greatly add up in cost.

On top of the cost, blades loose their sharpness when used daily, which dull blades and eventually can lead to cuts or skin irritation.

Most of the razor manufactures make it cheap to buy their razors initially that come with a few extra blades. They do this on purpose knowing that you will run out of the extra blades and you will need to go out to get replacement blades which they have priced really high to make their profit back from lowering the initial price of the razor.

So, let's took at some ways to make razors last longer by keeping it sharp, clean, and free of rust. that will save you from buying replacement blades so quickly.

How To Properly Clean, Dry, and Store Your Razor Blade

To know how to make razors last longer, I would follow the following tips below.

1. Clean the razor right after you finish using it using a mild soap with hot water and rinse it thoroughly. You can also use a toothbrush for scrubbing away hair and skin leftovers before you rinse it again. I like to follow the blades horizontally with he tooth brush to remove the facial hair. Then I also tap the razor on the side of the sink to also know off any left over facial hair that I missed.

2. Remember to dry the safety razor blade after you are done shaving. If you leave it wet, it can lead to rust over-time as the metal blade oxidizes.  Now for those of you you who have well water or hard water, you will definitely want to dry your blades off and not let them sit wet.

That is for sure a way to get rust on your blade. Therefore, place the razor on a dry towel, but do not wipe it. Just leave it on the dry cloth and let it air dry.  What I found is that when I tried drying it with a wash cloth or towel, it would actually get caught in the blades and became a pain to get out.

Tip: You can dip the razor in rubbing Alcohol which will disinfect it and also cause it to dry faster in the air.

3. Regarding razor storage, it is advised you do not keep it on bathroom shelves. The humidity and steam can corrode them and wear them rather quickly. Instead, keep it in a dry location. Perhaps you can use a plastic container or bag to keep it protected. If you buy some of the high end Merkur Razors, you can use the box they come in to store them.

rusty safety razor blades

Factors That Affect Razor Blades Longevity

Quality blades are made of stainless steel, but not all blades from all manufacturers are identical. Each manufacturer makes it in a bit different way. They use different materials, and there coating and thickness differ from one manufacturer to another. Perhaps you should try different blades to feel which one is ideal for you.

  • Type of Your Beard You Have

The thickness of your beard hair certainly affects the longevity of the blade. If your beard is thick and strong, then it will require a longer time to trim your beard and  shave it. When you use your blade a lot, it eventually losses sharpness. If your beard is finer and less thick, you can use blades longer.

  • Hair Growth Speed

This is another factor that impacts how often you need to shave your hair. As you know, some people shave every day, and others shave once every 2-3 days.

  • Shaving Area

If the area of shaving is bigger, it will require extensive use of your blade. For example, men that use blades only for shaving facial hair do not require changing their blade so often in comparison to those men that shave legs, armpits, or chest.

  • Technique Of Shaving

Most people shave downward with their safety razor, others go upward, but the closest shave is by using the so-called three-pass technique in all directions. This technique is effective but it also lessens the longevity of the blade.

Coating Your Safety Razor Blades With Oil To Last Longer

Coating the double edge safety razor with some sort of oil is another way to prevent rusting of the blade and make it last longer. The oil keeps the oxygen away from the blade and it does a great job of prolonging the blade longevity.

You have a wide variety of oils that you can use for coatings, such as baby oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil. Oil and water do not mix, which in turn prevents oxygen and moisture from getting to the blade and rusting the metal. That will make your blade sharper and will last longer.

You can put a few drops of oil on a cotton ball that you will wipe on the blade, or you can just soak the razor in a kitchen saucer filled with oil. When the blade is coated, remove the razor and dry it by placing it on a dry cloth or a paper towel.

Strop Your Razor Like Barbers Do

Another effective way to make your blades last longer is through stropping. You cannot use sharpening tools to sharpen your blades, because their tips will be bent over. However, there are other interesting methods for good sharpening. Perhaps you have read about sharpening razors with jeans.

All you have to do is just push the razor along the surfaces of the blue jeans. Do this about twenty times and make sure you push in the opposite direction of your shaving. Jeans have fibbers that are great for blade straightening, keeping your blades sharp and strong for a long time.

Man stropping straight razor with leather tool

Bottom Line

Hopefully you learned some shaving tips on how to make your safety razor blades last longer. They are not complex and do not require doing anything special. If you are looking for effective ways to make razor blades last longer, then follow the methods thoroughly and the blades will serve you for much longer than expected.