King C. Gillette Safety Razor Review

Black suits and well-defined shaves are the brutalists of weapons a man possesses. Gillette King C is an answer to our prayers for those of us who have been searching for that perfect safety razor and smooth shave.

The advent of double-edgedrazors shifted the course of the shaving tradition. First, there was a time when shaving instruments consisted of mere sharp metal strips, and then came the revolution. Gillette is the oldest brand known for making shaving tools and the world's first company introducing safety razor technology with a reusable handle.

The invention changed not only the professional shaving styles but also the everyday shaving routines. Specifically designed for ultimate precision and classic fashion, it not only gives you an irresistible shave but also helps chisel your beard lines.

So, I decided to review this chrome-plated, Gillette double-edged razor that set the industry ablaze ever since its release.

King C. Chrome-Plated Gillette Razor


Before jumping into the product review, there are some things you need to get the hang of. Firstly, what is so unique about this model? Secondly, what 'double-edged razor means'?

This model is so popular because its design was inspired by the pioneer of wet shaving back in 1901. It is named after the company's founder King C. Gillette. That is over a century's worth of innovation and experience going into it.

Besides the inspiration, it is famous for being an exceptional safety razor. Safety razors are engineered to give a close shave while keeping your skin, fingers safe. This Gillette double edge razor gives you an iconic look keeping your skin flawless. Gillette King C. comes in a protective design that prevents shaving cuts and other irritations which hinder a smooth shave.

Speaking from personal experience, it is soft for sensitive skins and leaves zero itch after the shave. It's superb for to help men with edging sideburns and strong beard.

Its intelligent design and platinum stainless steel blades give a spelled out close-shave. And, like me, if you like those agitated whispers of 'who is that?' and I’d say get a Gillette King C. and put on your best black suit!

Coming towards my second take, it is a high quality stainless steel double edge razor with a precision finish.

There is a noticeable difference in both a single blade and a double-edged safety razor blades. Double edges allow you to switch sides when it fills up with lather.
In contrast, a single edge razor blade has a cover on the other side, enabling only one sharper edge. The ability to use both sides saves time, and if you are a regular shaver, you'll be done in one round without rinsing the razor once.


Let's move on and check out this beautiful double edge safety razor. The midnight blue box feels like a luxury with its copper lettering and pop lid style. I cut the sealing from the sides to reveal my dream razor. The razor comes inside a box with a pack of 5 platinum-coated blades tucked in a small opening at the bottom.

It felt solid and well built on the first hold. The entire razor has a smooth, lustrous finish and a King C. Logo on the head. As for the weight, it was almost about 100 grams.

A QUICK BUYING TIP: Make sure the taps are there on the box. So you end with a product that's been messed with before.

Let’s take a look at the dimensions of the razor. It weighs almost 102 grams as a whole. The weight is good enough for a balanced and even shave or any facial style. Its handle has knurling, which can cause problems for some users. In my case, there was no slippage, and everything was buttery smooth. The knurling runs diagonally from left to right, which helps maintain a good grip for right-handed shavers. If you are a lefty, it may feel a bit slippery. You can tell this is a long lasting razor with long lasting durability!

I love the packaging, shiny finish, and sturdiness; there is one missing base stand. Razors with base stands are better as they take only a bit of space and are less vulnerable to scratches. That is not the case with this safety razor.

It is a three-piece razor that breaks down into three parts: the handle, the top cap, and the safety bar. The top cover is metallic and resilient, feels strong to touch. Being a safety razor, it allows you to work at sharper angles, than other razors. Holding the blade at 30 degrees, I worked in small, uniform strokes. Small strokes give a more defined shave than larger strokes, so you always go in small.

It was exceptional during the process. The handle design held fast against the slip on my fingers. At the same time, the blade gave radiant and accurate results in the first round. Platinum-coated blades provide the quick and desired redefinition that you need to save a dance with an angelic being at a night party.

It is not the same as the aggressive feature blade razors. However, you can pair it up with feather or brass blades for a customized shave.


As it revealed marvelous results for a clean shave, I tried it for beard lining after some weeks. Here is what I think about it.

Shaping a beard requires balanced strokes rather than blade energy. Its comb guard did an excellent job maintaining a uniform distance between the blade and the skin. The results were what I had expected, bravura. Its stainless steel platinum coated blade gives a defined touch to your beard, ultimately resulting in an expensive look.

Despite the power, these blades are relatively mild and hence are best suited for beginners. Old players demand more aggressive and sharp shaves; something feather blades are renowned for. I don't recommend using feather blades if you are a beginner, but if you feel like you can take on the drag, check out a Feather Safety Razor review of your favorite brand.

Cleaning your razor buddy after shaving is equally essential.  I use a stick-on-blade magnet to stick my blade on my bathroom mirror. Then, unscrew my razor and dry the parts using a paper towel. Just like a sword in battle, a well-kept razor paves your victory every time!

Conclusion - Should You Buy It?

Now it's time to sum up, our Gillette Safety Razor review. The King C. double-edged safety razor gives you a smooth, even shave with minimal effort. Its smooth hefty chrome finish makes it an assurance that it will last many years. The razor handle is long enough to rest in the palm of your hand during the shave, so it minimizes the risk of slipping the blade off your skin.