Merkur 34C HD Safety Razor – Top Rated Close Shave

Merkur 34c Heavy Duty Double-Edge Safety Razor

If you're finding that the disposable or cartridge razors you're purchasing from Wal-Mart or other large retailers aren't giving you a close enough shave, you may want to change gears and try out straight razors or safety razors. As far as, safety razors one the best safety razors is the Merkur 34c Double Edge. This safety razor is really balanced well with a short handle.

  • Heavy Balanced Weight
  • Short Handle For Control
  • 2 Piece Razor
  • 3.25" Handle / 2.4 oz
  • Stainless Steel Handle with Chrome Finish
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The most commonly purchased razors (Gillette, Schick, etc) are made with cheap plastic handles, poorly designed razor blades, and don't offer many shaves before needing a replacement.

Safety razors, on the other hand, are built with heavier, well-built frames, use blades that will provide the closest shave you've ever had, great for sensitive skin and they last nearly forever. A good example is the Merkur 34c Double-Edge Safety Razor. Today, we're going to review this product in detail.

Merkur 34c Safety Razor Review

With the powerful weight of a beautifully designed, stainless steel handle with chrome finish and a double-edged blade that's sharp as a tack, this safety razor from Merkur is not only functional, but stylish, too.

The handle provides enough weight that you barely have to apply any pressure during each stroke to get an insanely close trim. The blade is pristine as well, providing a very smooth, nick-free experience with every pass.

This Merkur razor features an impressive etched design on the handle, too, which makes the piece appear more elegant and expensive than it really is.

In other words, it's not only a fantastic piece of shaving equipment, it's also an excellent bathroom accessory that exudes wealth and sophistication. It certainly looks far better than any of those run-of-the-mill cartridge razors.

Merkur 34c Customer Reviews

When it comes to investing in a good safety razors you should always consult others for their opinion of a product before buying it. That's exactly what consumer reviews were created for. On Amazon alone there are well over 1,000 ratings for this exact model posted by real people like you and I. From those 1,000+ reviews the Merkur Double-Edge Safety Razor has received a very high start rating!

That's an impressive score, especially considering that over 80% of people gave this safety razor the best score possible. Tons of men ranging in age and background have commented saying that this is easily one of the best safety razors they've ever had the pleasure of using. A military officer even said it's perfect for getting the clean-shave required daily for all active soldiers.

Features of the Merkur 34c HD Safety Razor

Weighted Handle

As mentioned above, the stainless steel handle with chrome finish is a much heavier double edge razor than most other models. It fits comfortably in your hand and isn't excessively heavy, but the weight does assist you with each pass over your skin. This enables you to use less force from your hand which is much better for your face, especially if you have sensitive skin, as it doesn't cause as much irritation.

The handle is general is short as well. So if you have large hands and the handle on the Merkur 34c is too small, you can consider a different model such as the Merkur 23c or the Merkur 25c, or replacing it with a longer handle that is cheap to do.

If you are wanting other options for a long handled safety razor, the Edwin Jagger DE89bl. This is one of a series of extra long handled razors that Edwin Jagger came out with.

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Double-Edged Blade

Another key aspect of this Merkur shaving razor is the fact that it supports a double-edged blade. One blade is actually included with every purchase of this model. Additional blades can be purchased online from websites such as Amazon for reasonable prices.

Compatible blades are typically more affordable than the replacement blades for cartridge-style razors like the Gillette Fusion or Schick Hydro. This means you can afford to change out your blade more often - resulting in less dull-blade shaves. Plus, you'll save tons of money not having to purchase those awful 8-cartridge packs for an absurd $30 anymore.

Some of the cheaper safety razor blade packs cost around $2 for a pack of 5. For high-quality blades, which are definitely highly recommended for the closest, smoothest shave, you'll still only pay about $5 for every 5-pack. For most people each blade will last for 3 to 4 good shaves before needing replacing.

 Merkur 34c Safety Razor Perfect for Shaving Head

Are you bald and looking for a tool to keep your head silky smooth and looking fly as can be? Well, the Merkur heavy duty safety razor is perfect for that too, as it provides a close shave. Just make sure you purchase the sharpest blades you can find. The better the blade, the better the results.

The only drawback is that the handle on this model is a little short which can make it difficult to get the back of the head and neck at times. It also doesn't work well for stray hairs on the ears as the blade is very sharp and can cause nicks on these thin-skinned areas very easily.


Ladies, do you wish to get an awesomely smooth shave for your legs and underarms? A safety razor isn't just for the boys, it's well-suited for women, too! Due to the superior shave capabilities of safety razors and the high-quality of this razor, it works great for shaving legs or getting rid of stubble under your arms.

Merkur 34c Summary

So, men really like the Merkur 34c Double Edge because of it's weight, short handle and closeness of shave. With the weight you do not have to press hard on your face to get a close shave. Which is also a plus for those with sensitive skin. You let the weight of the razor do the work. With the handle being short it makes it really easy to control and maneuver the razor.

It's not an aggressive razor so anyone with from a beginner to an experienced wet shaver can use it. So, definitely check this one out if you want a heavier short handled razor to add to your shaving kit at home.  If you want to continue looking for more options see our article here on safety razor reviews.

You can find the best price for the Merkur 34c razor here on amazon.