What The Merkur Classic (33c) Razor Has To Offer

June 3, 2019

Merkur Classic Straight

A model such as the Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor is an excellent one to start with for beginners or advanced wet shavers. It shaves close, feels awesome and shaves like a disposable razor.

Feature List

  • 3 Piece Razor
  • Less aggressive than 34c
  • Shorter Handle
  • Great for Beginners
  • Textured Handle Grip
  • Model 33c

Tired of having to go out and purchase new blades or an entirely new razor every other week because your new 28-blade, rolling-ball technology enhanced, vibrating, robotic super razor is already giving you a dull, painful shave? Well, you're not alone.

A lot of guys (and some women) are getting sick of dealing with the low-quality, junk razors that are marketed all over TV. They don't perform as advertised and they certainly don't last as long as they should. The good news is, there's a way to bypass this mess - get a safety razor.  Below we provide an in-depth review of this product.

Merkur Class Straight Safety Razor Review

Despite what the big-name corporations are telling you, the multi-blade, battery-powered, cartridge-style razors they sell do NOT provide a better shave than a single-blade unit without all the bells and whistles.

In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Safety razors are far more capable of giving you that buttery-smooth feeling you've dreamed about since you were a young man than any of the most popular razors of today.

Safety razors, like the Merkur Classic Straight, are made of premium materials, they're easy to use, they're actually more affordable than standard razors, and they outperform units such as the Mach 5 and Quattro in nearly every way.

The Merkur Classic Straight razor is a testament to the glory of safety razors. It features a strong handle, an incredibly accurate double-edged blade system, and it's even used by professional stylists all over the world.

This razor is guaranteed to help you achieve the closest shave you've ever had. The well-designed handle is easy to hold and provides perfect balance, making it a breeze to execute long, swift passes that grab every little hair possible without nicking or irritating your skin.

Customer Reviews

Not sure if this Merkur razor is meant to be in your bathroom? If you need additional assurance that this safety razor is of the highest-quality and will give you an excellent shave every day for years to come, just listen to the real people that have already bought and used the Merkur Classic Straight razor.

Over at Amazon.com there are different reviews posted by real people that have thoroughly tested this product. Those same people have pushed this model of razor up to a high star rating. More than 70% of the individuals that purchased the Classic Straight razor gave it a perfect score.

A lot of people have said that this razor has helped them save 100s of dollars on not having to replace the cheap cartridge blades of inferior shavers from companies like Gillette. Many more have said that Merkur razors are extremely high-quality and, with the right blade, give an excellent shave every time.

Features for the Mekur Classic

Stunning Design

Is it possible for a razor to be attractive? If so, this Merkur razor definitely takes the cake as being one of the sexiest models on the market. Made with a coated-alloy exterior and featuring a nifty design carved into the handle, this razor is both effective and elegant. If you want to impress your friends or make your girlfriend think you're the classiest guy on the planet this is definitely the perfect safety razor to buy. It looks completely awesome in every way.

Classic Straight vs 34C

A lot of people have been asking what the difference between this razor and the 34C model is. Honestly, there's really only one noticeable difference and that's the weight of the handle. The handle of the heavy-duty model is made of stronger material and it weighs a bit more. Choosing between the Classic Straight and the 34C is all about personal preference. If the handle weight matters to you and you'd prefer heavier strokes, the heavy-duty safety razor from Merkur may be a better choice. If weight isn't an issue, get the Classic Straight as it is cheaper.

Replacement Blades

The Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor comes with one blade included with the package. Once you've used this blade you will obviously need to replace it. Replacements can be purchased from some local stores (although very few) or online. On sites like Amazon you can buy larger packs for great prices.

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