Merkur Open Comb Razor

Merkur Open Comb Razor

Are you trying to find out the best razor for your use? We are here to help you out.

We have seen many people struggling to find out that one razor that suits them perfectly and knows how you want your shave done. For sharp shaves and having clean faces, we advise you that you should get a safety razor. Why? There are many reasons among which its use requiring almost zero effort is on top. The razors have tasted the advancement, and manufacturers have combined the blades in a single one. But still, mostly safety razors are available in the market with double-edged blades.

For the use, popular brands like Merkur Open Comb Razors are the ones that are ideal for men with thick beard hair. However, the only thing to note is that they are quite sharp and aggressive, and beginners should not get their hands on them. If you are a regular user of open comb razors, we have something amazing up our sleeves to offer.


  • Brand's name: Merkur
  • Model name: MK-25C
  • Length of Razor: 4.07 inches
  • Handle’s length: 3.8 inches
  • Comb type: Open Comb Safety Razor
  • Weight: 57g

Merkur Open Comb Razor MK-25C Features


The first and main thing about any safety razor is its aggressiveness. An aggressive open comb razor can cause you deep cuts and would ruin your mood and experience. Don’t worry; this one wouldn’t let it be the case. The finish of this razor is so mild and smooth so that you do not have to be way too much careful. The gap between the blade and the upper head is not too much, neither too little that you don’t get the advantage of the open comb. It has the exact distance for your smooth shaving.


After aggressiveness, what comes next to consider? That's right, that it is the weight. It determines the overall handling of your razor because with the open comb razors, handling them is the key to have a proper clean shave. The manufacturers of this razor are quite aware of it, and they have found out what weight is appropriate for you. This razor is one that is not very heavy as heavy razors can put a strain on your wrists, and slipping of the razor will not really be a good experience at all. If you are a beginner, it is recommended because it has some weight, and the advantage is that the weight will let it do the shaving instead of you applying pressure on it. The sturdier the razor is, the better the outcome gets, so this one is a must-have.

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What else do you wish to see in a razor? The long-lasting use if I am not wrong. The Merkur safety razors serve the foremost purpose of staying with the user and giving the best shaving experience every time. It is a natural habit that people attach to things. They feel more comfortable using their existing daily used products rather than buying a new one and adjusting themselves over it. There is just one thing that you should take care of, and that is not to slip and let it fall from a height. We have heard some not-so-great experiences from first-time users. This one is amazing with body weight and use. It just asks for a steady and careful hand.


Handles also do make some difference in use. The length of the handle is one thing that customers ask about before buying a razor. It does not directly make your shaving better. Rather it has the ability and gives you comfort in using it. There is usually a handle length of either 80mm to 100mm. The lengths are all about the preference of every individual. If you have big hands, small-length razors will make you put in a lot of effort. Similarly, imagining a razor with a long length is not something you would want. This razor has an appropriate length of more than 4 inches which falls effective with most of the shavers.

The second thing is the texture of the handle. Is it for looks? Well, it is but the main purpose to provide you a firm grip on your razor. The chrome-colored knurled grip will prove to be a helping hand in your shaving, especially when using it with shaving oil.

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Merkur Open Comb Razor Price

Another great advantage is that all of these things might already have made your mind to make it a purchase. After looking at the price, it will convince you even more. You will not buy it now. We suggest you get a better perspective and search for other products with such features in this range. You will come back here because we know what they are selling at what price and this price is really reasonable.

3-Piece Razor

If you do not know what the benefit of a 3-piece razor is, they have three different parts, which are the handle, the base of the head, and the top. This 3-piece razor has the advantage of easy cleaning. Thus, they get the benefit of easy maintenance. There are no moving parts, and you can replace the defective part, and it will be working like before.

  • Easy to use and sturdy in weight. 
  • Chrome color for a decent and classy look. 
  • Open comb with mild aggressiveness. 
  • Easy to clean after every use and durable for long-lasting use. 
  • More popular for sensitive skins.
  • Along with the elegance, one drawback comes that the razor is fragile and breaks into pieces when falling from height. You should handle it with care. 

Merkur Open Comb Razor Conclusion

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In the series of open comb razors, this is what we have found which has such structure, color, and look that can easily catch the eye of customers. After reading many different reviews about it, we can assure you that the quality is top-notch and it is buying for the first time. What happens next is up to you, and we are sure it will convince you to be a permanent user of this Merkur Open Comb Razor.