Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades For Men

Merkur Double Edge Razor Blade Review

Having been around since 1896, Merkur knows a thing or two about making razor blades. Things like metallurgy, sharpness and edge retention. They were among the first in the market to produce inexpensive, disposable double edged razor blades, and have been a leader in that market ever since. If you are a new shaver, or simply wish to try out this classic system of shaving, give Merkur a try.

Feature List

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Platinum Plated for a smooth shave
  • Being produced since 1896
  • Made in Germany
  • Individually packaged in paraffin paper
  • Good value
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The Merker blades, by the way, will fit into any standard handle. Unlike many other hard-goods produced worldwide these days, Merkur blades are 100% made in Germany.

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Double edged shaving systems 101

In our modern society, everything from television sets to cigarette lighters are disposable, and shaving razors are no exception. Even with cartridge shaving systems the bulk of the product goes in the trash when the blades become dull, and all you are left with is a plastic handle. Not so with classic double edge systems. You know, the type your dad shaved with each morning. Besides a great shave, this is also the least expensive way to go, with a typical shave costing around 5 to 10 cents in blade use.

The blades themselves come individually wrapped in paraffin paper, and when dull, is the only component that is disposed of. If a quality handle is purchased, it will last for at least several years, if not a lifetime. The handles, as in the blades themselves, are different too, with some giving a more aggressive shave than others. But let’s get back to the blades.

Merkur Stainless Steel Blades

Today, most double edged razor blades are made from the maker’s proprietary metallurgy blend, with various coatings to help smooth out the shave. Merkur’s blades are made of stainless high carbon steel, the exact formula not being released. Typically, various alloying ingredients including vanadium, molybdenum and other trace elements are added to the chrome, nickel, carbon and iron that make up stainless steels. Merkur then coats their blades in pure platinum.

Customers’ reviews on the Merkur Blades

From all of the reviewers that commented on regarding the 10 pack of Merkur blades, the vast majority found these blades to be favorable, with an overall high rating. Many reviewers not only preferred these blades to other similar double edged blades, but also preferred them to both disposable and cartridge shaving systems. For example:

  • One reviewer likes the classic, traditional aspect of using a safety razor, and states that he does in fact get a better shave with the Merkur than with an expensive, triple blade system, with fewer ingrown hairs and less skin bumps.
  • Another user compares the Merkur against Gillette, and considers Merkur a step up, calling them “way better”. He goes on to say that with the quality and price of the Merkur, there is no reason to use anything else!
  • Germany has a great reputation for manufacturing fine goods, and this fact did not escape this reviewer, calling the merkur blades Absolutely Primo! He states that he gets the closest, finest shaves that he has ever had, including straight razor shaves from a barber shop. He has stopped looking for anything better, and considers himself spoiled by his purchase of Merkur.
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Of course, not 100% of the reviewers found the blades satisfactory.   A couple of critical reviews are:

  • One reviewer with a coarse beard found that the Merkurs not up to the task, and gave him considerable discomfort. He then switched blades and had much better results. He warns potential users to stay away., but did not offer which blades he found more satisfactory.
  • Reviewer had difficult results with the Merkur, but did not say whether he regularly used double edged safety razors or not. He claimed that the blades were a waste of time and money.

The Verdict

It can safely be stated, however, that over 90% of reviewers had positive results with the Merkur blades. Read all of the reviews on

To recap, the Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades are German made of stainless steel, platinum plated, reasonably priced and will give you a great shave!

They have been around for well over 100 years, and have stood the test of time in a very competitive market. I recommend them.

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