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Merkur AdjustableShaving using a safety razor is something many do each morning, for an event and at night. The five o’clock shadow is a drudge for some and comes all too soon. Fortunately, there is a razor that can make shaving a lot easier, the Merkur safety razor family. These safety razors use double edge razor blades are ready for any beard any time of the day and pack neatly for travel. Never worry about an electrical hookup, the Merkur shaving razor works at a backwoods campsite.

Merkur Safety Razor Heavy Duty Classic 34C

review for the merkur 34 cThe Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic Razor introduces shaver to a razor with a three-inch handle for easy holding and maneuverability. It has a thicker handle than the average razor with a  safe and firm grip for shavers to use even with wet hands. Trying to find the best razor for your beard is not always easy but the selection of Merkur razors makes the search easy.

Discover the luxury of using the Merkur Safety Razor, one of the best on the market. This razor is durable and equipped with a shaving head that makes trimming a beard a cinch for everyone including beginners. This heavy-duty classic stands up to the toughest beard giving users a clean shave. Most razors pull and hesitate when going across your face, especially when the beard is stubby, with the added weight it does the work for you.

The 34C is easy to control no matter how poor the beard texture. This quality Merkur safety razor offers the user shaving excellence. The blade glides smoothly across the face giving a close shave. When it is time to clean the surface of the 34C, it quickly washes clear of any residue.

Merkur Safety Razor Chrome Long Handled Safe

Buy the merkur long handleDiscover in our review the Merkur Chrome Long Handled Safe Razor. Get a smooth shave from this sturdy razor. Designed with a four-inch handle that accommodates longer hands, this shaver also is set with a sketched surface for a tighter grip.

This merkur razor is constructed for all types of doubled edged blades. The shaver is made in Solingen, Germany and gives a user that smooth shave you they have always wanted but never achieved. With the Merkur Safety Razor, users get a reliable product. Use this razor quickly and easily, leaving extra time to attend to other necessities. Reasonably priced, this razor is great for those keeping up their looks.

Merkur Safety Razor 33 Classic Dovo

The Merkur 33 is a less bulky style of the 34C. It is affordable and gives a great shave. This shaver has a comb front that makes it easy for the blade to cut any beard type. The handle is elongated and the housing for the blade opens with no difficulty.

This shaver is especially nice for beginners but is a favorite of shaver at any level. This blade weighs a light two ounces and is very easy on the hands. Using this razor, you will discover that the Merkur safety razor is one of the best on the market.

Merkur 42C Safety Razor

The Merkur 42C Double-Edge is a snazzy looking razor with a great shave. This razor has an octagon shape with a diamond design along its neatly designed hexagon handle. This razor is a spin-off from Gillette’s original blade produced in1904.

The chrome material creates an attractive and tough shaving mechanism. The blade housing is smooth and easy to open, even with wet hands. This razor has lasting power and gives a great shave with each use no matter how much you shave.

Merkur Safety Razor Futur Adjustable

purchase merkur futurShaving is a part of the introduction to manhood and the Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety razor/polished finish is a tool of this “right of passage.” Built with a snap top opening for the blades it makes a quick blade exchange with no hassle. Even if you are accustomed to shaving with a straight razor this is a nice transition.

It is sturdy and works even when you shave in a hurry. Shaving is a part of the grooming process and the Merkur Futur Adjustable makes it simple. It is not important to be a shaving expert with this razor; the blade does most of the work.

Merkur 38C Barber Pole Razor

merkur38blackbarberpoleThe Merkur 38C Special Edition heavy Duty Barber Pole Safety Razor lets you install a sharp razor when necessary. The flip open razor deposit is easy to work with and shaving with this razor is one of the best shaves you can get.

Since this brand was one of the first on the market, manufacturers have spent year perfecting the balance in the Merkur long handled safety razor shaving instrument. Customers will find in our review the Merkur safety razor is an excellent choice for a great shave. Over the years, users have found the Merkur razor to be the best for the money and a super shave.

Merkur Vision 2000 Razor

merkurvision2000If you are searching for an instrument that gives a shave beyond your expectations, excellent it the word one might use. The Merkur Vision 2000 Double Edge Safety Razor in the tin box, shaves exceptionally close without cutting. It is a marvel among shaving instruments.

The adjustment feature lets you decide how much blade is exposed, helping you get the shave you want. This shaver however, does need soaking every once in a while. This is a simple task for such a fine shaver. The close shave of this blade helps slow down the need to shave with such regularity.  The Merkur safety razor is made in Germany and is one of the best for people wanting to look their best at all times.

Merkur 34g Gold-plated Razor

If you want a clean shave and a cool instrument to shave with the Merkur 34g Gold-plated special Safety Razor unit with Bar is a great blade to add to a shaving kit. This shaver is great for difficult facial hair and uses common razors found at any local store. Whether traveling or at home this is certainly not a shaver that will embarrass you.

Merkur 23C Razor

The Merkur 23C Double-edge safety Razor comes as close to a barbers shave as a shaver can get. This blade is sleek and easy to use. Twists open the blade and place a new blade inside.

Adjust the level of blade to your liking and use the comb feature to move it through the beard for a close shave. This shaver accumulates less shaving debris and prevents old hair from ending up on the skin to create ingrown hair problems.

Merkur Adjustable Futur-Gold Plated Razor

goldshaverThe Merkur Adjustable Futur Gold Plated Safety Razor introduces all shavers to a new experience. Applying the right shaving cream is not the only thing needed for a good shave. A good razor is the next defense in a comfortable shave.

Merkur Slant Bar Heavy Duty Safety Razor # 198 Razor

The best shaving solution is available by using the Merkur Slant Bar Heavy Duty Safety Razor, trying dozens of razors, torturing the skin with cuts and burning shaves until discovering Merkur products.

Everyone has a style of shaving and this razor works for every style. Lubricants are important and the Merkur Slant glides through the shaving gel of your choice.

Merkur 15C Classic Open-Comb Razor

The Merkur 15C Classic Open-Comb Double-Edge Safety Razor does not make your face pay for a poor cutting surface. This razor is comfortable and does not leave the face feeling tight and unnatural. The shaver is very affordable, has a good balance and moves evenly across the face.

This is a clever shaving apparatus with a solid build. Using a razor that slips out of your hand is not the shaver you want. While shaving cutting the face or breaking nearby objects is a possibility when the blade you use is not the best.

Merkur 1904 42C Safety Razor

merkur44c-1904styleChoose the Merkur 1904 42C Double-Edge Safety Razor 6 piece set and avoid the search for saving items that help you do it the old-fashioned way. With this set, get an alum pen, razor, shaving brush, 10 packs of blades, razor and brush holder and shaving cream bowl. This is an excellent gift for the man who loves to look good.

Merkur 157 Razor

Customers with problems using other shavers are delighted when they use the Merkur 157 Safety Razor with teeth and chrome finish. It is a razor that can comfortably used everyday without damaging the skin, a good shaving foam with a proper blade in this easy to open shaver gives a wonderfully clean shave.

Merkur 39C Slant Sledgehammer Razor

Discover in our review the Merkur Safety razor is one of the best shaving devices anyone can use on their face. Treat your face with loving care by using the best safety razor made. The longevity of this brand and its reputation is there for anyone searching for a safety razor to look at. This is a great gift for a new shaver, starting them out with the best possible safety razor and blades.

Ok, that was  a long list of Merkur Safety Razors. 🙂 I hope this helped give you a quick overview of all the differences within the models so you can figure out which one is the best for you. I do have another in depth article you can read here called best safety razors for men.

Merkur Razor Summary

There are a ton of choices out there when it comes to picking a Merkur razor to shave with. So, to give you a head start if you are beginner, I would suggest starting with the Merkur long handle also known as the 23c.  If you are looking for an adjustable razor to tune in because you have been shaving a while look at the Merkur Futur.  Lastly, if you like the short handle style that is heavy, well balanced and you don’t like to press hard on your face look at the Merkur 34C.

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