Open Comb Razor Review

Open Comb Razor

Open comb safety razors are known to be the first choice of people who order the old ways to shave. The people who prefer a vintage taste or the finer things in lie opt for styles such as an open comb razor instead of a normal razor which is sold in supermarkets. These open comb safety razors are beautiful. The feel to them makes you go back a few years and have the experience of a nice clean shave all in one stroke. The great thing about these is that they last a long time.

Merkur slant bar double edge safety razor

This razor is known as a slant edge razor which keeps things simple for the user and lets the razor take control. You won’t have to apply a lot of pressure on the handle to make things work and shave off coarse hair. It will be an was and smooth ride from start to finish, and considering the slant edge, all you would have to do is tilt the razor at a 30° angle to get the perfect shave.

This is also made with a longer handle and is chrome plated for a beautiful finish. The whole thing can be parted into 2 to reattach the blade into it.

These blades are replaceable and can work well for a good amount of time.

  • Easy to control. 
  • Does not cause irritation with repetition.  
  • Has a good weight but is still controllable. 
  • Some of the customers are worried about the life expectancy of this razor since the head contains zinc instead of brass. 

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FaTip safety razor

The main reason an open comb safety razor is preferred over a closed one would be the most prominent fact about it. That fact being the truth about how an open comb razor makes things easier when cutting thick and coarse beard hair. It provides a closer and cleaner shave every time. The wider the comb will be, then close the blade will get to your skin, making it easier to cut a thicker beard in one swipe without irritating the skin.

Following this ideology, this razor is made. With wide-open comb teeth and an oversized head, this is a very appreciated razor. The razor is made of nickel and is made in Italy.

This has been reported to reduce the shave time of many users. The shave is smooth and does not need a lot of force.

  • Easy usage. 
  • Has simplistic yet bold features. 
  • Works well with any sort of blade. 
  • Some have complained about the nickel plating being chipped off after only a few use. 

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Merkur Razo, Double Edge Safety Razor

This razor is great for those who want a razor which late long. The blade needs to be adjusted and needs a little to get it perfect right, but when fixed, it will provide you with one of the best shaves you will experience. They are open comb, so they do have the leverage of providing you with one of the closest shaved a razor can provide. With this, the least amount of operation follows a little pat of aftershave to help with the bumps, and you're good to go.

These razors make things easier for the user and cut down shaving time which is built with sturdy and long-lasting materials which will help you in the long term. This razor has long-lasting features and a great grip.

  • Grip does not loosen even when used in the shower. 
  • Helps get closer to the skin without irritation. 
  • Has long-lasting features. 
  • It takes time to adjust the blade properly to settle in. 

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Parker safety razor

Parker is a beautiful razor that provides the user with a sturdy, long-lasting shaving partner which will outlast the rest. However, it may have minor problems with rusting; it can still be used for a good amount I time. The initial purchase comes with stainless steel blades which have a count of 5. All of these are great and will last you a good amount of time.

The blades are also separated into three compartments which make things easier when it comes to putting the blade in. The precision of the blade alignment makes the shave even cleaner and easier.

To make things more sturdy, the blade handle has brass handles that keep a very good grip and do not slip and fall even in the shower or when used with soap.

  • A classic 1900s design updated with modern features. 
  • Genuine brass frame with chrome plating. 
  • Easy handling. 
  • If constantly kept under humid environments or underwater, the top screws will start to rust. Making the razor practically useless. 

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M MÜHLE store safety razor

This company started with a man with a passion who wanted to create natural handmade products while working in a laundry. He successfully makes a shaving brush which then leads to a 3 generation company-owned and run, successfully, I might add. These products are genuine and are made of the highest quality. The consistent growth for the betterment and making shaving materials, foams, brushes, were kits, and much more.

The company believes in luxury and wants to deliver a peaceful shave every time. They also provide barber and professional quality shaves at home with the help of their razors. They have some of the best razors one can choose from. The form and shape of the razor are beautiful, and it leaves your skin baby smooth every time.

  • Quality and excellence carried through generations. 
  • Precision-made razors for great shaves. 
  • Multiple products are made by hand in the factory, which persists since 1945. 
  • This is not something that is easy to use and should not be used by a beginner. This is not for tests and trials on new skin. 

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Parker safety razor

With 40 years of experience comes a little bit of professionalism. Which in turn shows through the product at hand. With 49 years of experience, Parker has created a multitude of razors and such which give the user the finest shaves. Not only me but women can also these razors. With the point of sensitive skin being discussed, this razor allows the user to use it on areas where the skin is sensitive and promises a smooth shave every time.

The closeness of the razor gets the hair off and does not require multiple run backs that may irritate the skin. This has both an open comb and a closed comb head, which allows the user to switch accordingly and then shave. It is a great piece of work.

  • Good for both men and women. 
  • Alternating heads for comfortable shaves. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • May not be available in certain regions. 


This was our list of some of the best open comb razors we could find. These are easy to use and have been altered in a way that makes this a great choice for people who love vintage shaving kits and tricks. The vintage aspect reminds me, but the razor is filled with some of the best material to provide a shave better than ever. Less irritation and a much less impact on sensitive skin make this a great choice for anyone.