Parker 24c Safety Razor Review

The most classy way of shaving your beard neat is with a blade. The old-timers are still seen rocking the heavy razor while using the shaving foam brush to leather their skin to avoid any cuts. The vintage look and feel of a razor are timeless, and to revive that feeling and have a consistent shave every time; you should consider the best open comb safety razor. To give you some of the best advice, we’re here with the Parker 24c Safety Razor Review

It looks just as classic as it sounds, and the feel and material used will definitely be up to par.

Parker 24c Safety Razor Review

Vintage look

If you like the rustic vintage look, then this is also the right thing for you. The design is from the 1900s and can be detached into three separate pieces. These pieces open up the razor for you to easily slide in the blade and align it in the correct way to get a precise shave every single time.

You simply can not demy the professionalism and clean shaves this razor will provide you with every single time.


  • 5 stainless steel blades.
  • Has an open bomb design for closer shaves.
  • Longer handle for better grip.
  • Three piece detachable 1900s design.
  • Launched in 2013.
  • The whole thing weighs 3.04oz
  • Measures up to 3 ¾ in.
  • Has a premium brass frame.
  • The razor head is Premium Platinum.
  • Handle length is 3.75 in.
  • Handle design is knurled.

Parker 24c Safety Razor Features

Why should you buy this product?

Would you trust someone who is 40 years old and has had the most experience in one specific thing and has been improving that skill since the day they started? You eventually would just as you would a person. Why not trust a company that has been doing the same thing for the past 40 years and has an immense amount of experience in the field. Experience in the field. The company not only was things to improve but had the confidence in themselves and claim that their products are one of the best and are engineered to give you the best shaves of your life.

The blades are sanitary and are provided with the packaging, and the whole thing is 3 pieces that come undone extremely easily, and you get to clean them with precision to avoid any sort of material leftover.

The razor is also made with a professional shave in mind. Meaning whenever you decide to use this razor, you will be getting the result of a parlor to shave every time. These also have the addition of a comb that stretches your skin in a way that brings the blade closer to the root of your hair resulting in an extensive smooth face.


If you want to gift your grandfather, your dad, or any male figure in your life old enough to shave, something then opt for this. However, this razor can be used by anyone who wants to shave their face. It does matter if they are experienced or a beginner. They can have a go at this razor and still turn up with a clean shave.

This isn’t an awkward gift and has the finest material usage, which allows the minimal amount of infections. The brass handle is also a great addition and has multiple markings and indentations, which make it easy to hold onto and shave even in the shower. The new razors and blade may be fancy, but a classic razor that ensures a clean and good shave every time is irreplaceable. The only thing that does need change is the blade which is placed in between the razor. These blades are provided and are of too quality.

Open head comb design

This is a razor with an engineered open head comb design that makes sure to get as close to your skin as possible. The closeness in one go makes sure that your skin is not being agitated or being overly irritated. You won’t essentially have to go over the same place multiple times, which makes your skin smooth in one go and keep your skin razor bump-free. A quick touch-up with an aftershave solution, and you’ll be looking neat in no time. To add to the professional blade, this has a Premium Platinum 5 double edge blade which makes this a professional blade. These are used by barbershops around the world, and they deliver the most professional shaves a man could experience.


To add to the convenience, this is a very safe piece of equipment that does not move when attached to the whole body and makes the razor safe to be used by anyone, either a professional or a beginner. A little practice and precautions do go a long way for beginners, but other than that, this will be safe. The handle also makes things easier and allows the user to shave even in the shower while having soapy hands, and the whole thing weighs a hefty 3.04oz, the brass handle makes it easier to hold, and the premium quality will make sure it lasts for a longer amount of time for anyone who uses it.  

  • Has 5 premium blades included.
  • The brass is electroplated.
  • All components are genuine and sturdy.
  • A specific component in the razor blade is a little cheap and rusts easily.
  • The head of the razor has the same issue of rust.

Parker 24c Safety Razor Review Conclusion

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This is the Parker 24c review. If you want a good razor that lasts a long shave, you should opt for this piece of tradition. The razor is made with sturdy and long-lasting materials. If kept in prior environments, you can avoid any sort of rust, and a little replacement here and there and your razor will be good to go for a long time.

The addition of 5 premium stainless steel blades gets things started easily for anyone.

They last a long time and will give you a cleans and smooth shave every single time. The closeness the razor beings and the effortless shave anyone can perform should entice you to at least buy the razor once. The shaving quality is undeniable.