Parker 26C Safety Razor Review

This is the Parker 26C Safety Razor review which is based on my personal experience. I am writing after using it so that I can explain the perks and consequences in detail. As much as I had heard about the benefits and effectiveness of open comb razors, using them was a compulsory thing for me. This brand was launched in 2013, but now it has gained some significant reputation and identification in the market. No wonder their quality control and performance are the keys.

From the beginning, like everyone else, everyone told me not to start with an open comb razor as a beginner. I still hold on to the fact that beginners should avoid experiencing those. The reason is quite vividly obvious and simple, it is way too aggressive, and we should not use them until we know the right angles in use.

Parker 26c Safety Razor Review

But everything starts with a first experience. Especially guys with coarse facial hair find it tiring and slow process with a closed comb razor. If you are one of them, this is what you should start from. For starters, both of its models 24C and 26C, have the same design as their heads except that 26C is in black color and not in chrome. Both are great in use and performance.

Parker 26c Safety Razor Specifications

  • Brand's Name: Parker Shaving
  • Razor type: 3-Piece Safety Razor
  • Material: Brass
  • Finishing: Graphite Electroplated
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 4 Inches
  • Weight: 3.3 oz.
  • Handle Length: 3.75 Inches
  • Does have a discount count on the price when I have looked at this recently.

Parker 26C Safety Razor Features

Following are some of the most highlighting features about this best open comb safety razor:

Quality of Shave

There is a reason why I am suggesting this to beginners. Parker 26C is the one product that can give you the mildest shave through an open comb safety razor. It is the special quality of this razor that it shaves deeply and gives a close shave look, yet it is not aggressive on your skin.

There is a perfect balance that it maintains if your angle is right. Being an open comb razor, there is some aggressiveness present in use, but it is not that much, and it comes in the moderate one. Therefore, the beginners should start practicing with this one and then thinking about any other product.


It is moderately aggressive because there is a reason behind it too. It has teeth that have a little gap in between and are close together, so your skin does not get in contact with the sharp blade. But it is better than the close comb disposable razors because the teeth’ groove is sharp enough to give you a better and cleaner shave after every use.

If your razor has the smooth touch and you fell for it just once, the deal is sealed then. You will never go back to closed comb razors again. They are also a great choice for those who shave after spending some days, not regularly.


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Handle length and Grip

One of the features that got me was its handle. The design, structure, color grip everything. The handle of this safety razor is 4 inches that make it one of the longest razors. Some people have negative reviews about the handle length, but for guys with bigger hands, or for me, this razor fits well.

For the grip, they have something up their sleeve too. Do not think that black handle is of rubber. It is brass material, and just the finishing is of black color to give it a decent look. Guess what? They are pretty much successful about it. The black color, along with a sleek design, makes it catch my eye at first glance. It also has textured patterns so that you get a firm grip, and it does not slip from your hands, especially when they are soapy.

Size and Weight

With a weight of just 3.3 ounces, it has a perfect size and weight distribution. It has a moderate size that fits in most of the guys’ hands but is not that big that makes it inconvenient for the user. I shave with it with a strong grip. I got to realize its importance, especially when I was shaving over sensitive areas like under the nose or around your ears.

This product has some weight which makes it better in use than those disposable plastic razors. The weight also accompanies the size and makes it easier for me to glide over the skin. Weight distribution is necessary for razors, and Parker 26C’s manufacturers know it very well.


I have used some other products of the Parker Shaving brand, and I have concluded that they really do not compromise on their quality. They know very well how to make solid and sturdy safety razors. It might have a similar price, but it is way better than those that make you buy another one in a couple of months. Just take care of two things that are cleaning and avoiding over-tightening the blades’ screws.


Wet shavers can never imagine that razors can ask for maintenance. The maintenance efforts are not a big deal, though. All you need to consider is that it has a black color which means visible spots or stains. You just need to clean it up with some cloth after washing away the soap or other marks. I like my stuff clean, so I work on them. On the contrary, if you are a fan of cleaning, you should consider Parker 24C.

I am using this razor for a long time now, but there is no issue in maintenance, and it is one durable razor of mine. It has not even lost or faded its color which is quite an impressive thing.

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  • Aggressiveness is lesser than the other safety razors.
  • Firm grip benefit.
  • Great product for a cheap price.
  • A balanced distribution of weight.
  • Those with thick hair would surely love this one.
  • If you do not wash them after every use, you will see the spots because of the black color. 
  • Open comb razors are not advised for beginners without having knowledge of wet shaving techniques.

Razor Blades

If you are buying it from the Amazon link that is given above, you will get a packet of 5 double-edged safety razors. These blades are really better than those cartridge blades. They are eco-friendly and economical overall.


Why 26C and not 24C?

I really think that the only basis of giving preference depends upon individual users. It is exactly the same thing except for the color. Those who like black go for 26C; otherwise, they pick Parker 24C safety razor.


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This is my Parker 26C safety razor review, and I think that there is no reason not to like this razor. Such shape and size with a sleek design in decent color is something worth trying. It is a jackpot that these razors are available at these prices. I have read about the same features and used some other safety razors too but trust me; no one will agree to give all of it at the given price.

After the use, I can pay even a bit more for this razor. It works great for people having a thick beard like me. The only concern is that it is an open comb one, and you should know the use before getting one. I hope you will make the right choice after reading this review. Thank you!