Parker 99R Safety Razor – Butterfly Style

June 3, 2019

Parker 99R Safety Razor

After all, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different safety razors on the market to choose from. The Parker 99 is actually one of the top 5 and does a great job for beginners and advanced shavers. You can't go wrong with this one, as I have bought and used this one personally!

      Feature List

  • 3.2 oz
  • Chrome Plated Brass Handle
  • 4 inch Long handle
  • Textured Grip
  • Butterfly head - easy to change blade
  • Use for Beginner or Advanced

If you're a true shaving buff you probably already know that using a safety razor is by far the best option for getting a close, pain-free shave every day. What you probably don't know, however, is exactly what model of razor you should buy.

I know time is precious and in the event you don't have time to finish this detailed review or you know you want Parker 99 you can jump right over to amazon below.

What To Look For

They vary in size, quality, price, and even type. That's right, there are different types, too. If you want an excellent shave, but also want to save time at the sink by not having to bother with unscrewing the razor, you'll probably want to choose a butterfly style model.

A good example is the Parker 99R Heavyweight Butterfly Safety Razor. Down below we provide an in-depth review of this unit that covers all of its best qualities, opinions of real users, and much more.

Parker 99R Heavyweight Butterfly Safety Razor Review

Parker has been in the business of creating shaving tools for well over 40 years. To say they know the makings of quality razor is a serious understatement. The Parker 99R is a shining example of their high-quality shaving products.

It provides a smooth, close shaving experience, has an excellent design, is built with durable materials that will stand the test of time, and more. It's a double-edge blade model that supports pretty much all blades.

Customer Reviews

If you're having a hard time deciding between the Parker 99R long handle razor and another similar model, let real consumers help you make your decision. Over on Amazon you'll find a ton of information posted directly from these people.

Several people have stated that considering the price of this safety razor, with the addition of 10 included blades, you really can't find a better quality model. Many said that they love the weight of the unit (3.2 ounces) which makes the shave a much more comfortable experience.

Many more have commented saying that they really appreciate the grip on the handle as it eliminates slipping and sliding through your fingers while shaving. A lot of reviewers also said that they especially love how insanely fast you can change the blades on this safety razor.

The Feature And Benefits

Superior Handle Design

The Parker 99R is a brilliant razor. The handle is made of chrome plated brass which is not only extremely durable, but it's resistant to rust and it even makes the shaving process a bit easier. The handle is weighted very well which not only makes the unit feel like a higher-quality razor, but it also helps you not need to use your own strength to guide the blade as much.

Instead you can simply slide the blades over your skin for smooth, gentle passes. This makes each shave very close and it's even great for men with sensitive skin as it reduces the amount of friction and irritation significantly.


Got big hands and can't stand the feel of a tiny razor? No need to worry about that with the 99R. It has a long, 4 inch handle that fits comfortably in even the burliest man's hands. The handle also features a textured grip so it doesn't become too slick or slippery while in use. Many units don't have a grip which causes the razor the slip through your fingers leading to more nicks.

Key point here and benefit!

That's exactly why Parker decided to equip this particular model of safety razor with a butterfly style head. With a butterfly head you don't have to worry about unscrewing anything. Instead you simply twist the head slightly and, like magic, you have instant access to the blades. It's much faster and easier than swapping out traditional safety razor blades, saving you time and energy.

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Ready To Buy?

In summary this a great razor for the price and you will not be disappointed on how easy it is to use, change blades and you will be happy with the price as well. I can recommend this one without blinking an eye.  If you want other options check out my article on 15 Best Safety Razor Reviews For Men In 2019 to see more.