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Perfecto Shaving Brush Review

In a world where looking neat and tidy is such an important factor in both our personal lives as well as our professional ones, mastering the art of a successful clean shaven look is an absolute must for any man. Any facial nicks or overlooked stubble can turn out to be disastrous as it will ruin your overall look.

So, with this in mind, the next thing needed is to learn and perfect the best method in which to achieve the clean shaven look. While there are numerous different ways of actually shaving that are all equally effective, there is only one way to apply shaving foam or cream to your face that is by far the best.

This method is via a shaving brush. The reason for a shaving brush being essential in the first part of the shaving process is because of its effectiveness in applying a full, rich lather to one’s face. No other way can guarantee such a complete covering of the intended shaving area.

The next step is identifying a shaving price that is of great quality but also of an agreeable price. In saying this, below is a review of one of the top shaving brushes on the market today.


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The Perfecto Badger Shaving Brush

The Perfecto brush is aptly named as it provides a perfect tool for the appliance of shaving foam. The bristles of this brush are designed from 100% authentic badger hair which is widely recognized as being the best type of material in which to make shaving brushes from.

The badger hair is extremely smooth on your face as you apply the lather but is also strong enough to scoop the cream/ foam up in the first place and keep it in place. Both these factors are key in creating and applying a smooth, full lather that will lead to a perfect shave.

The badger hair also works to exfoliate your face whilst you apply the lather. On top of this, this Perfecto brush is very affordable and long lasting.

The handle of this brush is designed to be a perfect fit for a man’s hand and this particular brush is available in two different unique and stylish colors – smooth black and striking silver. There is also a handy stand available for the Perfecto brush which is ideal for storing the brush when you are finished with it.

What Exactly is Pure Badger?

Pure badger hair is on the low end of the pricing spectrum when it comes to badger hair. It is the perfect choice for those who are new to shaving brushes and want to try out the method without having to invest a large sum of money.

The normal color of pure badger hair is dark tan or black which looks quite aesthetically pleasing on the eye. The main difference between this type of badger hair and the more expensive ones is the softness level. Pure badger hair can be quite coarse. The reason for this is because the bristles have to be trimmed in the manufacturing process in order to obtain the required shape.

Over time, and with daily use, these bristles will grow softer. Though, in saying this, the coarse feel of the pure badger bristles is often an aspect that people enjoy as it works to exfoliate your skin as well as helping to apply a perfect lather.

What the Customers are Saying

The Perfecto brand is a relatively new name in the niche of shaving brushes and thus can often be overlooked when it comes to the business end of things. However, despite their relative unknowns in terms of a brand name, the reviews for their shaving brush have generally been very positive.

Overall, the reviews for this brush are at a high level of popularity, with people especially being impressed with the look and feel of the Perfecto brush. Consumers have also noted that the balance of the brush is excellent and that it does not shed a great deal. This second positive is key in determining the longevity of a shaving brush.

Recap of the Pros

  • Made from 100% badger hair bristles
  • Works to exfoliate the skin as well
  • Creates a perfect thick lather for shaving
  • Available in two unique handle covers – black and silver
  • Extremely affordable and long lasting
  • Fits snugly into the Perfecto Deluxe chrome razor and brush stand
  • Best Seller on amazon

 Final Verdict

The Perfecto Badger Shaving Brush is one of the most affordable and high quality brushes that is available today. Its stylish look is matched by its quality of use, with the inclusion of the pure badger hair into the design being a real selling point.

If you are looking for a shaving brush that creates a full, unblemished lather and guarantees a top class shaving experience every time, then you cannot go wrong with the Perfecto shaving brush. You can view our Shaving Brush Summary page  or get the best seller on amazon at a  very affordable price here.