Personna Double Edge Razor Blade

Personna Double Edge Razor Blade

If you are new to the shaving world and you are looking for a set of double edge blades you can trust, you’ll realize after reading several blogs, you get even more confused as what to choose..

Feature List

  • They have a rust-free stainless steel surface
  • Come in a pack of 100 blades
  • They work best with most razor brands
  • Each blade has its own wrapping
  • 25% sharper than the previous model

The legendary Personna Stainless Steel double edge blades are some of the sharpest and well-crafted double edge blades in the shaving world. Manufactured by a reputable company in the USA, this is a set of blades that everyone man should consider who loves wet shaving.

This is to be expected since manual shaving is an art and personal preference when it comes down to it. So, you will see many opinions.  Nevertheless, I'm going to give you the inside scoop about why you would like using these de blades.

Personna Stainless Steel Blade Review

Personna Stainless Steel blades have been known to be great for men in the DE world for a long time.  They have also been know to be good for men with sensitive skin or sensitive to razor bumps because of it's sharpeness.  Most blades out there are extremely sharp and aggressive.  The stainless steel surface gives you the chance to store them for long and benefit a daily or frequent shave without any inconvenience.

Many online blogs that review shaving blades put this product as either the best or among the top five best shaving blades. Their flexibility, beauty, and the ability to achieve expected results are a few of the attributes that make it the best product. You can pack it nicely and send it to a cherished person without worrying if they will like it.

What sets this blades apart from the rest?

  • They have a reputation for being sharp and giving a clean shave
  • Its producing company is dedicated to manufacturing quality and safe products
  • The 100 blades package provides a long-term service
  • The fact that they can be used with several razors is very convenient
  • It’s reasonably priced.


Well, this is also a debatable issue because the texture of your hair matters. Those with fine hair can use this blade for 5-6 times before changing. If you have coarse hair, expect the blade to perform well the first three times. From there, it will only struggle to achieve the perfect shave you are looking for.

Any drawbacks?

A topic about blades is very subjective since our individual needs differ. What might be good for you, may not work for the person next to you. In general, Personna blades are great and it will vary on how well they perform based on you shaving technique as well as what type of safety razor you used to shave with..

Ratings and reviews

Personna Stainless Steel is a highly rated product both on Amazon and other online platforms. It’s praised for its ability to provide an extra-close shave that is comfortable and rash free. Its shave quality is similar in standards to that provided by electric shaving machines.

Here is what one of the top reviewers on Amazon said about it. “First, the product was delivered fast and as I ordered; no qualms with that. It’s a bit overpowering to see a hundred blades at such a lower price! I shave twice a week, using the same blade at least three times before discarding. This mean I will last with this pack three years-all for just about $20! It's mind boggling.

About the quality, the blades are pretty sharp and safe for my sensitive skin. Most other blades that I used either left me irritated or struggled to do the job. I believe Personna Stainless Steel is the best blade out there.”


Personna Stainless Steel blades are available on many online platforms, Amazon included. The price can vary depending with the store you purchase from. Remember some items mimic the real thing in order to attract sales.

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If you are looking for the best double edge blades out there, you may want to try Personna Stainless Steel blades. They guarantee a clean, close and comfortable shave free from irritation. They work well with most razor brands and shaving soaps. You can hop over to my feather blade review to see some sharpest blades out there or look our buyers guide for de blades here.