Seki Edge Feather High End DE Razor

The Seki Edge AS-D2 is a double edge safety razor with a stainless-steel handle, stainless-steel razor head and of course has the stainless steel feather double edge razor blades.

Feature List

  • Stainless steel design
  • Includes stainless steel razors
  • Comfortable handle
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Made in Japan

In recent years, these modern safety razors have become more popular. They appeal to the idea that shaving should be a ritual, not a chore.
Featuring quality design and craftsmanship, this is one of the finest looking razors available.

But, can the Seki Edge safety razor live up to its image? Does it offer a close, comfortable shape?

Finding a new razor is never easy. You want to make the best decision. After all, you are purchasing a razor that you will repeatedly drag across your face. So, before you decide on a razor, read the rest of this Seki Edge AS-D2 safety razor review.

Here is a video of the Seki Edge AS-D2 feather razor in action. Watch it below.

Feather Razor is Sleek and has Stainless Steel Design

One of the biggest selling points is the stainless-steel design of the Seki Edge safety razor. The handle and the plate are made from stainless-steel, to provide decades of use. You really could use the Seki Edge AS-D2 for the rest of your life. Of course, you will need to occasionally replace the blades. But, the Seki includes 5 stainless-steel double edge blades.

These are Feather blades, which are considered among the top safety razor blades. Really, when it comes to the closeness of a shave, it is the razor that matters. This is what cuts your hair. The Feather blades do an exceptional job of trimming your whiskers without pulling them.


For those with sensitive skin, the close shave may lead to minor irritation. Though, most users have commented that the Seki Edge AS-D2 left no razor burn.

The use of double edge blades also makes it easier to shave. You do not need to instantly replace your blade once it becomes dull. You can try using the other side. This keeps you from having to replace the blade in the middle of shaving.

Compact, Comfortable Handle

The handle is compact, measuring about 3.5-inches in length. This is shorter than some other razors, but it gives you better control while shaving. There are deep grooves located along the handle, providing a non-slip grip.  The head is 1.7 inches in length or 43mm.  The razor head is actually 1 inch wide or 25m.
There are no plastic parts. As long as you allow your razor to dry between shaves, you should be able to use this handle for life.

Quality Craftsmanship from Japan

The Seki Edge AS-D2 feather safety razor is made in Japan, which is also home to some of the finest stainless steel cutlery. So, it is no surprise that they also make exceptional razors. The name of the razor may throw some people off. This is actually a Feather safety razor made by the Feather Company. It is named after the town of Seki, in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan.

This is the 2nd generation for feather's own personal safety razor and you will also see it called AS-D2. The feather safety razor has a more aggressive angle on the head so you will want to make sure you adjust your shaving technique a bit vs what you would do with say the Merkur 180.


There is a really nice balance between the length of the razor, the balance of the weight it has and they really made sure the blade lined up dead center in the razor head. Couple this craftsmanship of the razor and using the sharpest feather DE blades you have one heck of weapon to achieve that close shave you are looking for!


Customer Reviews of the Seki

Now that you know the basics of this razor, you should find out what real people have to say about using the feather double edge safety razor. Examine both the positive and negative comments to make an informed decision.

Positive Comments on AS-D2:

If you take a look at Amazon, you will find that the Seki Edge safety razor has earned a high star average rating out of large number of customer reviews. 86% of customers gave it the best rating. That is truly a good indicator as to the value of this razor. Here is a closer look at what some of these customers had to say.

  • One user mentioned that when he uses the feather double edge razor it does not feel like there is a blade touching his skin, yet his beard disappears. There is virtually no skin irritation and you always get a close shave. He also mentioned that it is highly unlikely that you could cut yourself, due to the placement of the blade.
  • A guy that is new to using safety razors mentioned that the Seki Edge provided the most wonderful shave he has ever experienced. Even though he had no technique, he had no problem using the Seki Edge.
  • Experienced users have also commented on the quality of the Seki Edge AS-D2. Several people have mentioned replacing their old safety razors with the Seki, due to its superior performance.

The general consensus is that the Seki Edge AS-D2 safety razor is suitable for both newbies and for those that have used safety razors for years. People enjoy the weight of the razor. The stainless-steel construction adds a little weight, which is more comfortable when shaving your head.

Some Drawbacks to Know About:

Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there were a few negative reviews. These comments should be taken with a grain of salt since 95% of customers gave it a great rating.

  • Several customers have claimed that they cannot stop nicking themselves while shaving with the Seki Edge AS-D2. Though, the exact opposite has been mentioned more frequently. For me personally this speaks of a wet shaver who is inexperienced and has nothing to do with the razor.
  • One complaint that came up several times was the closeness of the shave. Some customers feel that the Seki Edge does not get close enough to the skin. They say that this is why people believe they are getting a comfortable shave. Though, this could be due to the placement of the blade. You need to ensure that the blade is properly inserted into the plate.
  • A few guys with large hands have mentioned that the handle is a little too small. This could be an issue for some people. This is a little shorter than a standard handle, but it does allow you to control the angle of the blade better.

The negative comments tend to contradict the positive comments. And, there are way more positive comments to look at. You can see more of them on amazon here; to decide for yourself.

You really do need to ensure that the blades are properly inserted. But, if you have used safety razors in the past for your thick beard, then there is no reason why the Seki Edge should not offer the same closeness.

So, in the end, it is safe to say that there are no major issues to discuss. The Seki Edge does what it promises – to give you a close, comfortable shave.

If you follow the instructions and pay attention to how you shave, you should not have any problem avoiding the two main issues pointed out by some of the negative reviewers.

Final Thoughts on the Seki

The Seki Edge AS-D2 combines exceptional craftsmanship with comfort to create one of the finest safety razors on the market. The Seki Edge Safety Razor by Feather offers luxury with every shave.

Whether you are new to safety razor shaving or are tired of changing blade cartridges, the Seki Edge safety razor could be exactly what you are looking for. It is built to last, made from durable stainless steel. For decades, the only thing that you will need to replace is the blade.

The main benefits include the high-quality design, precise craftsmanship, and a comfortable handle grip. The only potential drawback is the price. This is a premium razor. But, the Seki Edge more than makes up for this by ensuring you will not need to shell out more money on replacement blade cartridges.

With the combination of benefits discussed, if you need a new razor, consider the Seki Edge AS-D2 Feather safety razor.

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