Shark Double Edge Razor Blades Review

July 16, 2021

Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

If you shave often, some of the must have items in your grooming kit include a razor, shaving blades, and soap or lathers. When it comes to shaving blades, you ought to be extremely cautious, especially if your skin is a delicate one.

Feature List

  • It’s a premium quality product
  • Can be used with many razor brands
  • Provides an excellent close shave
  • It's coated with polymer for longevity and smoothness
  • The super chrome stainless steel provides the blades with a longer storage time.

Some blades leave your skin smooth and professional looking while some leave it bumpy. So, if you are out shopping for blades, you can give Shark Super Chrome double edge razor blades a try.

Men who take shaving seriously will find Shark de razor blades need to be part of their arsenal of blades they shave with.  It glides smoothly over your skin leaving nothing behind.

A single, gentle move across your face cleans all your hairs to their base. These blades are produced by a company that profoundly believes in meeting customer’s needs. Shark Super Chrome blades works perfectly fine on both thick and fine hair.

For smooth hair, the blade can last the entire week shaving on a daily basis. Thick hair can be used 3-4 times before switching to a new blade.

Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

  • Shark Super Chrome delivers a smooth and luxurious shave similar to barbershop standards.
  • It's manufactured in an ISO certified facility
  • They maintain their sharpness a bit longer than other brands.
  • The package consists of 100 blades
  • They are affordable
  • They are eco-friendly as they are not made of plastics

There was a rumor that the blades stopped being produced but that’s not the case. It’s just the distributor that changed, but the same great blades are still being produced but in a different package. So, if you are tired of the internet confusing you about the best blade to go for, you can settle with this one.

From the above features, it might be worth to say that Polsilver Super Iridium is a great brand that is worth drinking wine to. Many double edge blades don’t come close to its capability. Additionally, it works better with almost all double edge razors brands.

Any Concerns

So far, there is nothing unpleasant about Shark Super Chrome but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Besides it being sharp and providing a comfortable, close shave, it still doesn’t work with some people. This because our skin sensitivity varies.

If you want these to last longer than normal make sure you clean them off every few days and apply some baby oil to them to help preserve the blades.

These are not the sharpest blades out like feather razor blades but thats fine. You will still want these for beginners or to use in a safety razor that is really aggressive to balance out the shave.  They also just work better for some people based on their shaving style.


Most blades last only a week before they start to struggle, and this one is not an exception. If you have a smooth hair, expect to enjoy them for a week even if you shave daily. If you have a tough hair, it will give you pleasing results for the first three to four times. On average, the 100 blades should serve you for more than one and a half years if you store then properly.


Shark Super Chrome blades are available online in many shaving products stores. Amazon too offers them at pocket-friendly prices. You no longer need to spend your money on electric shaving machines and disposable razors. Moreover, you get to shave whenever you want.

Reviews and ratings

Shark Super Chrome is one of the highly rated brands in the shaving world. On Amazon alone, there are several hundred reviews and over three-quarters of them are in favor of the product.  The common reason people are liking these blades was its ability to provide a clean, close shave without leaving nicks.

Here is what one client said about it. “I have been shaving for the previous ten years with an electric razor, but when I saw a review about DE blades, I decided to give them a try. After all, they were cheaper. I started out with Merkur blades, and when the stock ran out, I decided to try Shark Super Chrome. The experience was awesome. It smoothly glided over my beards, and I was done in no time.


Shark stainless steel razor blades will give you a great shave and works best with many common razors and shaving soaps. This makes it an excellent product worth spending some money on.

Go and give it a try and I promise this is in a price range that you can definitely afford.