Shaving Cream Vs Shaving Soap Comparison

Shaving cream and shaving soap both work to soften the hair before shaving with a safety razor. When the cream or soap have softened the hair enough, the razor blade will gently glide over it and remove it from the skin safely. Among the wet shaving community you will find that there is always a friendly debate on which one is better, shaving cream, or shaving soap? Let's examine the pros and cons of each and see which one is truly better.

Shaving Cream VS Soap Comparison

Shaving Cream

Let's start by noting that we're not talking about the stuff in a can that uses propellants and chemicals to foam up and come out of the can. That's not what we're referring to here. True shavers don't use this stuff, they prefer a real cream over the canned stuff full of chemicals and propellants.

We're talking about the true artisan shaving creams that have shea butter, aloe vera, and other natural oils that help to soothe and soften the skin before a shave. These help to prepare the skin and the hair so that when the razor glides over them they're working properly to remove the hair and keep the skin soft and supple.

These lather up quickly on your shaving brush and work to condition the skin and the hair in preparation for the actual shave itself. As long as the user isn't allergic to any of the ingredients, these tend to work very well for the purpose of shaving.

Shaving Soap

There are many shaving soaps on the market today. There are triple milled soaps that work well with oils and butter that help to condition and prepare the skin. There are groups (a combination of cream and soap) that also go by the terminology of shaving soap.

While so many options may be overwhelming, shaving soap is typically less costly than shaving cream. While many find that triple milled soaps give a dense lather and are very luxurious, others prefer a lower lather product that isn't triple milled and thus, thicker in consistency. The truth is, it all boils down to what a person prefers. Some people prefer more lather and others prefer something more luxurious.

Pros And Cons To Consider

Lather: Many who shave like to have something that has a thick lather. when using a shaving soap, it takes time and practice to get the mix just right so that there is plenty of lather when combining the soap with the water. Even those who use a shaving cream can have issues getting their lather to the right consistency. It's a matter of skill and practice to get it right every time.

Scent: As a general rule, soaps don't have strong scents in comparison to shaving creams. For those who have extra sensitive skin, soaps tend to be the better choice as they can opt for non-scented versions of the products. If a stronger scent is desired, there are always aftershaves that can be used.

Hard Water: Hard water has a direct effect on how well your shaving cream or soap is going to lather. The harder the water, the more challenging it is to get the proper consistency of the lather. A good option if this is an issue is to try distilled water and see if that doesn't make a difference. It may make a huge difference in how well things lather up.

Now that we understand the difference between shaving cream vs shaving soap, and we know the pros and cons of each, it's time to determine which product is better.

The truth is, both are excellent products. Both work equally well to soften the hair, condition the skin and prepare the skin and the hair to be shaved with a razor. Some are higher priced and offer emolients that are supposed to help soften the skin further. Others are triple milled or offer more refined ingredients.

It may take some trial and error to fully determine which product is preferred but it's all personal preference. What works well for grandpa may not work at all for dad. What works well for dad, may not work at all for the son and so on. Many people prefer one over the other in the winter and then the other in the warmer months. Heat can have a direct effect on lathering ability of some products.

Focusing on the pros and cons and benefits of certain ingredients along with personal preference will go far in helping a person to determine which they prefer. Just keep in mind that shaving cream and shaving soap are all preferential over chemical laden canned products that require aerosols to propel them out of the can and into your hand. No one needs extra chemicals in their body. Choosing the product that best suits your needs is still, by and far, the best way to determine which product is better for you.