SimplyBeautiful Basic Pure Badger Hair

November 2, 2018

The Bottom Line First

There are many differing types of razors, methods of shaving, creams and ointments that can be used in the shaving process. Probably the most useful tool of all though is the simplest one and also the one that is often overlooked – the shaving brush.

Incorporating a shaving brush into your daily routine is an absolute necessity if you are the type of man that likes the clean shaven look. While there is no doubt that the beard is rapidly making a comeback, many men still prefer to use a razor in order to keep their neck and jaw hair free. In order to get the best results from a razor, a shaving brush is needed so at to apply shaving foam.

The reason for the importance of using a shaving brush is because this tool results in an even and full lather being applied to your face. This is crucial if you are to have the best shave possible. Below is a review of one of the top shaving brushes available today.


SimplyBeautiful Basic
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SimplyBeautiful Badger Shaving Brush

A great aspect of this shaving brush is its cost per quality ratio. It delivers top quality effectiveness for applying shaving foam while at the same time is very affordable. This is a hallmark of SimplyBeautiful products.

This brush features a smooth black handle that has been designed to fit a man’s hand perfectly. Its overall size means that it won’t take up too much space in your bathroom and also means that it is perfect for taking with you on the move.

The real key to this brushes success is the use of the pure 100% badge hair in the bristles. These hairs are thought by many to be the perfect choice for a shaving brush as they are soft enough to be gentle and soothing on the face, while at the same time dense enough to hold the necessary amount of lather in place.

Another huge benefit of incorporating badger hair into a shaving brush is the minimal shedding that results. There will be a tiny amount of shedding after the first couple of weeks of use, but this will soon stop and the rest of the bristles will remain intact for quite some time.

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Caring For Your Badger Brush

As with any product, the care that you show to them will benefit you in the long run as they it will extend the product’s life span. Below are three steps that you can take to ensure that your SimplyBeautiful badger brush remains top quality for longer.

STEP 1: wash your badger shaving brush thoroughly before your first use. Use warm, soapy water to do this. At this point it is perfectly natural if some of the bristles fall out as these are short hairs that aren’t connected to the base of the brush.

STEP 2: whenever you are finished using your shaving brush, ensure that you allow it to dry before putting it away. This will make sure that dampness cannot adversely affect the bristles on the brush. To do this, simply place the brush in an upright position with the bristles facing downward, thus allowing any excess water to drain off. To see if the brush is dry, run your finger across the top of the bristles.

STEP 3: Always make sure to clean your brush thoroughly whenever you have finished using it. This is key as a build up of shaving foam or excess hair can lead to mildew forming in your brush which will overall ruin the badger bristles. If you think your brush has already reached this point, then there are several solutions that you can soak your brush in which will help. The best one is Borax. Remember, though, do not leave it soaking for too long as this will also have a detrimental effect.

 Also Available in a Faux Version

This shaving brush from SimplyBeautiful is also available in faux badger hair version which is essentially high quality synthetic hair. The advantage to this is that it lasts longer than natural hair. This version also comes with a neat chrome stand that fits the shaving brush comfortable in it when you are finished using it.

Another advantage of the faux brush over the natural one is the lack of any smell. Natural hair smells, this is just a fact, but synthetic hair does not have this issue. Though, in saying this, there are many customers who have stated that the smell was one their favorite aspects about the natural brush.

SimplyBeautiful Basic
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Recap of the Pros

  • The ultimate brush for applying even shaving foam
  • Works to exfoliate the skin as well
  • Creates a soothing lather for a supreme shave
  • Uses 100% badger hair bristles that supply a compact brush head

Final Verdict

Whether you choose the natural version or the faux one, either of these shaving brushes from SimplyBeautiful are a great choice for a shaving brush. They both allow for a smooth and effortless shaving lather to be applied to your face which will make shaving a genuine pleasure. We do review others here on our site if this is not what you wanted.

The use of badger hair, whether 100% real or synthetic, is the key in making this shaving brush the success that it is. It supplies a perfect base for transporting shaving foam to your face. Overall, you cannot go wrong with the SimplyBeautiful badger shaving brush. It costs far less than some of its leading competitors while supplying the same level of quality. Learn more here on amazon.