Facts About The Tweezerman Shaving Brush

The Correct Way to Shave

A huge amount of men make a crucial mistake when they set about attempting their daily shave – that is they do not choose the best method for applying shaving foam. This may seem like a trivial, unimportant aspect of the overall task of shaving, however, if it is not done properly, then you may put yourself on the road to shaving cuts and sore skin before you even pick up your razor!

Applying shaving cream is just as important as shaving as it lays the groundwork for a smooth, clean shave. The majority of men simply splash hot water onto their face then cover the area that will be shaved with a liberal amount of shaving foam. This is most definitely not the best way of applying shaving foam.

The best way – proven by rigorous testing and customer feedback – is by using a shaving brush to apply the shaving foam to your face before you start with your razor. The reason for the effectiveness of this method is really quite simple – a shaving brush distributes the foam in equal amounts to all areas of your face, leaving no parts lacking or bare of foam.

Below is a review of one of the top shaving brushes on the market today.

Quick Word on the Manufacturers

Tweezerman have been creating and perfecting shaving brushes for the past 30 years <ahref="http://gear.tweezerman.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">http://gear.tweezerman.com/ and their longevity and experience in this industry is shown in the quality of their products. They also supply the world with a wide range of different beauty and health products other than just shaving brushes.

Tweezerman’s shaving brush range is regularly employed by beauty professionals all over the world who work with celebrities on a daily basis. Being a company born in Germany, Tweezerman products deliver exactly what you would expect from a German manufacturer – efficient quality at an affordable cost.

About the Tweezerman Shaving Brush

About the Tweezerman Shaving Brush

This shaving brush employs badger hair bristles that are 100% in terms of purity. It works to gentle exfoliate your face as well as covering your jaw and neckline with a smooth, full lathering of shaving foam. This results in your skin staying fresh and healthy while also delivering a perfect surface for you to run your razor over.

The handle of the brush has a curved design which is ideal to hold whilst apply the shaving foam. The brush itself is super easy to clean with a few seconds of running water through the bristles being enough to thoroughly clean it of any unused shaving foam.

The badger bristles are a key component of this shaving brush as they actually help to lift any hair as you apply your shaving cream. This helps to provide a smoother, more precise shave without any fear of irritation occurring. This, after all, is exactly what we as men envisage when we think of the perfect shave.

Key Tip

A technique that I have personally found to be the best in terms of apply shaving foam is in a circular motion. First, wet your jaw and neckline with some warm water – this makes the shaving area softer. Next, run the Tweezerman shaving brush under a cold tap for a quick second, give it a quick shake, and rub the brush in a circular motion through your shaving foam until you get the desired amount onto the bristles.

To conclude, again use circular motions to apply the shaving foam to the areas of your face that you intend to shave. This process will result in a complete, even layering of shaving foam on your face. Another great aspect of this brush is that it can be used with shaving foam, cream and even gel.

Some Vital Q&A’s from Consumers

Q: Is there a travel case to accompany the Tweezerman brush?

A: There is no case provided with this product but you can pick up a generic one for little to no money that will comfortably fit this brush. It’s small and manageable in size which makes it perfect for transporting.

Q: Will the bristles fray and wear over time?

A: This is a key reason why only 100% pure badger bristles are used in the making of this particular shaving brush – because these types of bristles are study and durable, yet also soft enough so as to cause any damage to your face. This means that they will last the test of time, even if used on a daily basis.

Q: Can it be used in the shower?

A: A lot of men who shave daily prefer to shave and shower at the same time. Tweezerman have taken this into account with the design of their shaving brush. Due to its easy to grip handle and use of badger bristles, this shaving brush can easily be used as you shave.

 Recap of the Pros:

  • Constructed from 100% badger hair bristles
  • Delivers a smooth comfortable shave every time
  • Also works to exfoliate your skin which keeps it fresh
  • Created by a company that holds the highest possible reputation
  • Overall, the perfect tool for starting the shaving process

Final Verdict

If you are man who shaves regularly and takes pride in having a clean shaven, unblemished face, then using a shaving brush is an absolute must. The Tweezerman shaving brush for men is without doubt one of the finest shaving implements that there is on the market today.

The only aspect of this brush that beats its quality is its affordability. There are plenty of brushes out there that will cost you a lot more than this Tweezerman product, but none of them will surpass the quality or efficiency of this particular brush.

You can find it on amazon here or you can continue to read more reviews in our Shaving Brush Comparison Chart.