Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades

Wilkinson Sword Classic

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge   Blades are manufactured solely in   Germany. Over the years they have    perfected their blades by using a special   triple coating process.

     Feature List

  • Manufactured from high grade alloy steel
  • Chromium, ceramic and PTFE coated
  • Made in Germany
  • Dispenser with a safety disposal area in back
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Using chromium to resist corrosion, ceramic for durability and PTFE (Teflon) as a non-stick coating, the blades maintain their edge even better than those of solid stainless steel.

Teflon, by the way, is the only material that a gecko lizard cannot climb! The result is a blade that offers an incredibly comfortable, close and smooth shaving experience.

Double Edged Shaving Systems

Safety Razor Double Edged Shaving systems are “old school” but offer several benefits over disposable and electric razors.

  • Affordability
  • Easier to reach difficult areas such as neck cervices and under the nose.
  • Smoother and closer shave

The chief disadvantage of using a double edge safety razor system is the danger of cutting oneself, when compared to modern electrics or multi-blade cartridge systems. With patience and practice the risk of nicking yourself can be virtually eliminated, and you can experience a close, clean comfortable shave at reasonable prices.


Customer reviews on Wilkinson Sword Classic

Here are a few of the Positive Reviews:

  • One of the more lengthy and praising reviews comes from a user who states that the Wilkinsons are always quality, and always worth the price. He has been using these blades since 1967 and only stopped using them when his safety razor handle broke, and he resorted to temporarily using a cartridge system until he replaced his safety unit He rates them right alongside with any competitor’s blades while still paying less for the Wilkinson blades. He likes the fact that shaving with a safety razor leaves less garbage in the landfill, too.
  • A second user calls the Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Safety razor one of his favorites. He says that they are sharp, but more important they are durable, and will last for 5 to 6 shaves per blade. He then compares them to Feather brand, and says that the Feather blades are sharper out of the package, but the Wilkinsons are more durable and last longer, for more shaves per blade.
  • Speaking of Feather blades, one reviewer called them out by name to state that the Wilkinson blades are superior to them. He also said that he also tried Merkurs, Derbys, Astras and Sharks. Out of all these blades, he says that the Wilkinson Sword blades are in a class all their own. They will cut through his whiskers smoothly and evenly without tugging. He acknowledges that every beard is different, but for him the Wilkinson is top notch.

Most reviewers were happy with the quality of the Wilkinson blades, but a few did have problems with them.

Among the Critical Reviews are:


  • Some reviewers found misleading advertisement on Amazon.com. The purchasers thought that they were getting 100 blades, (20 packs of 5) but in fact only received 20 blades total.
  • People with heavy course beards tended to have a hard time shaving and complained about pulling and tugging of the skin.
  • One user states that he had a problem with quality control consistency from blade to blade, and that some of them were actually warped and bent right out of the package. He says that he had problems with a cut face too, which he blames on bad blades.

Company History

The Wilkinson Sword company itself has been around since 1772, when they started off making swords, knives and daggers.   They introduced their line of alloy steel double edged razor blades in 1962, some 190 years later. Although the Wilkinson Sword company started off in England, their blades are currently being manufactured in Germany. They are now a subsidiary of Edgewell Personal Care, based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Wilkinson Sword co. have a solid reputation in their market, and are recommended by the author.

Get the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades and enjoy the smooth shave.

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